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Cutting Supp Stack


what would be a good cutting cycle stack? I used
Alpha Male, Carbolin 19 and Methoxy-7 on my bulking cycle (2months)...and got great results...results good enough and quick enough to have 5 close friends (one of them being my father) pull me aside and ask if i was taking steroids.
Now im looking for a good cutting stack to compliment the gains i have achieved.


A good diet and training program. And swapping the Carbolin19 for HOT-ROX would give you a boost.


And have your dad take you aside again to ask if you're taking drugs, right? :slight_smile:

Well, I guess I have to do the standard thing and recommend HOT-ROX (this being a Biotest site and all). Personally, I don't think it was very useful to me, but I was using the normal strength version. I'd be very interested in trying out the high-strength version, which many people swear by, so maybe the normal one just wasn't strong enough for me. One thing it did do, was help with the hunger pangs, which is no small help when cutting calories!

Have a look at what you can mix with HOT-ROX, as I seem to remember that Carbolin 19 shouldn't be taken at the same time. If you can, keep Alpha Male in the stack, as extra testosterone can never hurt.

The most important thing I can recommend is to not rely on supps to help you cut. I'm sure you know this, so get your nutrition and training in order, and use the supps for that little bit extra fat burning, or to help with appetite supression, but don't expect them to burn the fat for you :slight_smile:


I agree with removing Carbolin 19 and adding HOT-ROX. You may want to add a green tea extract as well. I believe JB has recommended this combo. Alpha Male and Methoxy-7 will help keep muscle and add support. but if fat loss is your goal and your diet is good you can probably get away with just HOT-ROX and green tea at first. Then add other things.


I just finished reading the article on Carbolin 19. It is designed to shift body composition, no gain mass, rather increase lean muscle mass and decrease body fat.

Why would you not include this product in a cutting phase, when the goal of a cutting phase is to do just that! Increase lean body mass, and decrease body fat? (just wondering what the reasoning behind this is, because I was going to use it in a cutting phase)


A few reasons.
1. you cannot combine Carbolin 19 with HOT-ROX and HOT-ROX is best for fat loss

  1. while Carbolin 19 is great for adding lean mass it can also add plain old mass if you're not careful. most users, myself included, get super hungry on it. That's great if you plan meals well and are looking to put on lean mass. If cutting is the goal though, I'd go for HOT-ROX. If you don't mind gaining weight and are already lean, Carbolin 19 is a good option.