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Cutting Sucks


Not really a substantive post, just a whine.

Going down to 185 (from 203 fully hydrated), just to make sure I can do it while I still have plenty of time to cut bodyweight if I can't.

I know all the wrestlers are laughing right now, because they did crap like this all the time, but damn it sucks.



I've got a BJJ tournament coming up with the weigh-in right before we hit the mat. I either need to "cut" to 185, or compete with up to 205. I'm walking around about 193-ish.

That's my whine.

I'm walking around carb depleted, so I was actually thinking of adding weight. I bet I could get up to 198, maybe even 200 by carbing back up, and getting well-hydrated.


Better to make a practice run ahead of time though. Good luck with it.


18 lbs is a pretty decent cut...until you consider that mma and jiu jitsu guys usually get weighed in the day before...for those events where you weigh in right before you step on the mat (like worlds) ya gotta just basically make sure you've leaned out to your bodyweight or compete light. way too hard on the body to rehydrate in between matches - dudes regularly cramp or gas out as a result, especially in tourneys like worlds where you end up competing in huge divisions


do you mind sharing how you're cutting?

i plan on doing my "test cut" in early January...i'm hoping to go from 215-220-ish to 205. walking around at about 230 right now, but am doing more tehcnical training and haven't started the conditioning too much yet.

i intend on doing mostly superhyrdatration prior, as well as carb depleting and adding in something like Taraxatone.


Ill say it again.

Anyone walking around at 200 lbs who has got the body comp dialed in-
this is a two hour cut. 2.5 hour cut tops

when you cut 15 to 18 lbs and weigh 150 it gets allot harder

8lbs an hour is pretty manageable if your body comp and bodyfat are in check

try to do it with water loading/depletion and using a hot hot bath with epsom salts.
much easier then a sauna , and you wont need to do it as long as a sauna either.
your still beat up but not as drained.

Slimjim does have a very good point,
weigh ins 1/2 hour are difficult
but really you only have to be this drained for an hour or so

the problem with smaller tournaments is that there are not enough depth of players to give you time enough to re-coupe

Big stuff like EIWA and NCAA stuff is like morning of and a second or third weigh in- at scratch weight
on the second day of the tournament - that got uncomfortable
Pan-Ams are literally 1/2 hour before the match.

And I will admit to blowing the big shots in college
by feeling awesome in my first match or two in a big big tournament
still recovering but managing and completely getting train wrecked in the third match
when got to someone good.

Wrestling - your doing it so frequently it feels easier
things like Judo or BJJ- its les frequent so it feels like your living on mars.

I was very big on baby food and shit like iced tea mix or lemon aid mix- same shit as gatorade for the most part. and you can cut it way way down.

Now I would do something like
pedialyte 50% with water
and some baby food- first
to get some simple carbs going.


Taken from Art and Science of Making Weight

Day Weight Loss Strategies
Monday â?? Begin superhydration - 2 gallons of cold
Tuesday â?? Begin low residue diet
â?? Continue superhydration (2.5 gallon level)
â?? Continue low residue diet
â?? Continue superhydration to 3 gallon level
â?? *Begin natural diuretics â?? one AM dose,
one PM dose
â?? No water from midnight onwards (36
hours) â?? no exceptions

OK, so you have made the weight and youâ??re ready to compete.
Dropping the weight is just the first part of your preparation. You are now only at the halfway
point. And for some â?? the next part is the hardest part of the strategy.
Now you need to replace your fluid and energy stores whilst at the same time trying to increase you
weight as much as possible.

This part of the process is absolutely critical â?? get this part wrong and
all that effort in over the past 5-7 days will have been for nothing because you will enter your event
dehydrated, lacking energy and worst of all underweight.
Few studies have looked at the dietary recovery strategies of athletes in weight category sports.

those studies Iâ??m pretty confident that none of them discussed inhaling one or two chocolate bars
and a half gallon of Lucozade Sport (fluid replacement drink) in the time it takes for you to step off
the scales and for the next competitor to successfully complete their weigh in (Nickâ??s strategy at the

If your appetite is way down (quite common) or you are experiencing GI (gastrointestinal problems
â?? dodgy stomach!) then you will have to look at compact foods and fluids. You need to replenish
the fluids and put as many calories and carbohydrates back in as you can.

One of the best products available on the market is Myoswitch. This is the first muscle carnitine
loading system which provides a faster recovery and 30% greater muscles glycogen storage
compared to other available products. Vitargo and Waxy Maize are also useful at this time.

Fluid Replacement
Recovery of fluids lost through dehydration may take 24-48 hours, longer than is commonly
appreciated by athletes (Costill & Sparks, 1973).
Common advice has been to ingest approximately 1 litre of fluid for every kilogram lot due to

More recent research suggests that increasing this to 150% of the volume of fluid lost
due to dehydration is more effective (Shirreffs et al, 1996)
Rehydration will occur more rapidly if electrolytes are included in the fluid (Shirreffs et al, 1996).
Electrolytes such as sodium and potassium stimulates water absorption in the gut and the
maintenance of thirst drive.

Food Replacement
You need to maximize effective recovery time by consuming a high carbohydrate meal or snack
immediately after the weigh in. You will need to be organized and make sure that you have an
adequate supply of sports drinks and meal replacement drinks and bars at the weigh-in site.

The Plan
Immediately upon leaving the scale consume 8oz of carbohydrate drink (e.g. Myoswitch, Vitargo
S2, Gatorade, Powerade, Pedialyte) and 8oz of water (16oz of fluid every 15 mins).
Repeat every 15 mins for the first two hours (128oz of fluid)
At hour one â?? alternate between consuming a medium banana and a higher sodium snack (potato
chips, pretzels) every 15 minutes alongside the drink.

At the two hour mark continue drinking only carb drinks (8-12oz every 30 mins or so). Consuming
a chocolate bar/energy bar, or a small sandwich every 30-60 mins also until the four hour mark.
At the four hour mark the athlete should continue with the carb drinks and consume a carbohydrate
rich meal (such as pasta, rice etc). At this point keep hydration high and follow an energy-rich diet
until the competition begins.

â?? Continue low residue breakfast
â?? No food from 12 noon (24 hour fast)
â?? Check weight â?? if less than 2kg over â?? do
â?? If more than 2kg over â?? go to
thermoregulation procedure
â?? *Consume one bottle of Magnesium
Citrate at around 7pm if necessary
â?? *Take natural diuretics if necessary

â?? Check weight upon rising
â?? If more than 1kg over â?? continue
â?? Make weight
â?? Go to Reconstitution


good post!


If you cannot cut 18 pounds at 205, you are a ginormous pussy. There is nothing to it.

As for the people who say, "Blah, blah...you can't rehydrate between matches, you will cramp" they obviously have never had to had to.

Obvious poser is obvious.