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Cutting Strategies

Which cutting methods and techniques have you found effective?
I’ve been bulking now for about twelve weeks and gained about twenty pounds of fat and muscle. Once I’m ready to cut I want to jump right into it. How long do you guys usually bulk for until you’ve gained too much fat and are ready to cut?

Well usually its when you cant see your penis anymore, but varying sizes make that approach somewhat inaccurate.

But, everyone’s gona say its highly individual. But seeing as you were bulking, you were proberly keeping carbs quite high. You could try a TKD OR even Standard Keto diet. Some people can still cut while doing a Carb Cycling approach, but i find that quite slow for me personally.

Also, its usually recommended to do a keto-styled diet if you are 15% and above i think. Again, depending on your current situation.

I am above 15% but I have heard about some major muscle loss on the keto diet.

[quote]JonBlood wrote:
I am above 15% but I have heard about some major muscle loss on the keto diet.[/quote]

The main reason bodybuilders go keto is that the diet is ‘muscle-sparing’, i.e. fat becomes the body’s prime source of energy not lean tissue!

Of course, lean tissue loss is a risk on any diet that puts you into a energy deficeit. But a CKD is thought to be one of the safest ways to shed the blubber without losing muscle.
IMO, depending on your goals, +15% BF is a bit high and you should consider a 6-12 diet plan if you’re serious about seeing your abs.

What is a 6-12 diet plan?

[quote]JonBlood wrote:
What is a 6-12 diet plan? [/quote]

Good question. ‘weeks’!

I was originally planning on reducing my bmr by 20% and eating carbs only for breakfast and postworkout but I have a feeing that will be too slow of a process. I haven’t heard anything great about rapid fat loss.

Search out CT’s article called Refined Physique Transformation on this site and you can’t go wrong.