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Cutting Stack

Little info about myself first

I’m 22, roughly 5’10 and weigh 178 pounds. I’ve been lifting since my
Senior year of high school, do about five years. I know a lot about lifting and all the tips and tricks to everything. My issue is, I want the cut faster than what it’ll take to get it naturally. I’ve never had a six pack, which I’ve always wanted but never got due to a slightly slower metabolism and lack of proper dieting.

So, my question is what should I stack as a cutting stack? Ive heard stacking AnVar, Tren-Fina 75, Winstroll, and clenbuterall would be a legit stack for Me but I’d rather have other input as well.

at 5’ 10" and 178lbs I would think cutting is the last thing you need. Just build more muscle

I’d like muscle too, with the stack I posted is put lean mass on with it also

“You can’t flex bone”

I can’t remember who said that, but it is applicable here…

Try working out first.