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Cutting Stack

Hey Bill or Chris or everyone else, I have heard that if one wants to take his bf% into the single digits(4-3%) he should use either the juice or pro-hormones(andro). If this is true do you think this would be an optimal cutting stack: Androsal, M, Methoxy-7, MD6, T2, and I am thinking of adding some Tribex too. What do you think or is this going overboard? Note that I did not mention the juice for one reason, I am too damn young,20.

Yes, using something like Androsol, MAG-10, or Methoxy-7 will help you lose fat while retaining muscle. This becomes more true the lower your body fat gets.

For fat loss, T2 (or T2-Pro) and MD6 make an ideal stack. For muscle retention, Methoxy-7, Androsol or MAG-10 would work but the latter two have to be cycled. So what I would do is use one or the other and in between cycles use Methoxy-7. Between androgen cycles is also a good time to use M and/or Tribex. No need to use them all at once. You’ll get great results this way (assuming diet and training are in order) and it’ll be easier on your wallet.

You could also stretch out your Androsol cycle by using half a dose for 4 weeks instead of a full dose for two weeks. Then use M and/or Tribex after.

Chris what about half a dose gor 6-8 weeks?
What do I have to take into consideration for this protocol?Thanks

stacking T2/MD6 and methoxy, tribex/M… i’ve been seeing a more dramatic weight reduction that just the 1.5-2.0 pounds a week. more like 3.0 a week.

Hey thanks Chris, I start my cutting cycle the week after next week, this is going to be the longest cutting cycle that I will have ever done, 2 months. Appreciate the advice.