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Cutting. Should I Stop Supps?


hey guys (and gals)

ive been lifting for a while now, but ive always done it without supplements, till a few months ago (whey protein is the only thing i used before). ive recently started using USPLabs supps like Anabolic Pump, powerFULL, PRIME, and Jack3d. it's really helped with gaining muscle and strength alot faster than when i didnt use anything.

anywho, i want to start cutting weight (loosing the fat) in january, maybe feb. should i stop using these products? or keep taking them...(Prime and powerfull are just test boosters for those that arent too familiar with these supps). anywho i just wanted to know if taking these will make it harder to drop the fat.

i would really appreciate your opinions and advice. thanks

p.s.im new here...this is my first post. thanks!


If you only started making a lot of gains a few months ago why would you stop?? Keep on making gains. Unless you already have significant size you'll just be disappointed if you cut.


I usually use more supps during a cut than I do in the off-season. Maintaining (or even increasing) intensity in the gym during a cut is crucial for optimal results, which is why I think caffeine, thermogenics, and other pre-workouts can be helpful. If you start cutting food and dropping the pre-workout energy, I would imagine that you would have a really hard time keeping up the intensity in your weight sessions.


well i didnt just start lifting a few months ago...ive been lifting for a while, i just started using these supplements. im good with my muscle size right now. oh and plus i always usually start cutting around january or february..depending on the weather haha...but thanks!


thanks alot man...i really appreciate u answering and sharing some advice. i'll stay on them then, just bump up my intensity. i usually stop lifting heavy and just do less weight more reps.. helps me keep a good pump and stuff..i appreciate the advice