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Cutting Season 2k11 is Coming


Spring will soon be upon us, which means it's cutting season for many. Who's partaking this year? What type of programs you using, and what are your goals? My goal was to hit 230 by March 1st after starting a bulk 6 months ago. Achieved that a couple weeks ago, so it's all gravy at this point.

For my cut I'm going with a heavy/light upper/lower split. I'll be throwing in two conditioning days. On one I'll do a complex, and some heavy carries. On the other I'll do a tabata & some jumping work, or maybe some sprinting. My goal is to get around 205 @ 7%-8%. How about you guys/gals, what're your goals?


I thought about it but will be passing on it this year. I want to weigh 260 before I cut. So I'm sitting it out till 2k12 and then will go on a balls to the walls cut. Based on my current weight of 240, I think I'd need to drop 40 lbs to get as lean as I want. 6' 200 lean is to small for my liking. 6' 220 lean is more like it.


I am.

Like many other large fellows I know, I'm utilizing the leangains intermittent fasting techniques as well as Skiploading once a week.

And cardio 'n stuff.


Gained 50 lbs in the last 6 months - held it for about 5 weeks, and just started cutting.

I am sticking with an upper/lower split and tossing in some complexes/tabata on my off days.

Carb cycling approach with fasted morning cardio will start up in a month or two once I start to plateau a bit.

I will hopefully end up with about a 25lb gain of muscle when all is said and done in a 12 months span.


Already as lean as I want to be so no cutting for me, just keeping the cardio and lifting like I have been doing the last 6 months. Hate having to diet, staying lean is the way to go.


Good 'not going to cut' post in the 'who is going to cut' thread.


What is skiploading??

I started Kind of losing weight already, lost about 10lbs so far, gonna lose another 15 or so then just re comp then slow bulk over the summer. I got up to 235 this year which is a lot more then ive ever weighed before and would like to be in at least the 10-12% range over summer.


Skiploading? I've never heard of this....Is that like a refeed once per week?

I've gained 43, to get to 230...want to have gained about 22-24 lbs. when the cut is over


Already started the V-diet a week ago, 12 lbs so far. 3 more weeks of that then 4 weeks of the v-diet lite/pulse feast. Then once that is finished the 100g carb cure is next.

Hopefully the next 8-12 weeks will see me drop to 190 at about 10% bodyfat. Not really coming off the back of a bulk just been fat for too long.


Lol SSC, I knew you'd be bombarded with questions about skip loading when I saw your post. Don't tell anyone the secrets.


that made me laugh


...in a long journey to 240, so I won't be doing any real cutting, no more than damage control.


There are no secrets on the internet!!!! and i looked it up and apparently id have to eat something considerably over 1000g of carbs (closer to 1500) or more in a little more thn one day... no thanks, maybe ill start doing carb ups with half the skip loading recomendations


You definitely won't/probably can't start off eating that much right off the bat. That might the amount for a 250-lb competitor 4-weeks out or something. The leaner you get, the more your body needs/craves those foods and will utilize them, allowing you to eat more.


I'll be starting my cut at the end of March.
I'm looking at a 12 week cut right to my wedding day.
I'll be following a low carb/carb cycling diet and utilizing the Mag10 Pulse Fast twice a week.

Rough outline I've been working on:

Day 1: Sled Work & Farmers Walks - Low Carb
Day 2: Neural Charge - Mag10 Pulse Fast
Day 3: Lower Body - Moderate Carbs, Anaconda Protocol 2 Peri Workout
Day 4: Circuits (CT's Destroying Fat) - Low Carb
Day 5: Neural Charge - Mag10 Pulse Fast
Day 6: Upper Body - Moderate Carbs, Anaconda Protocol 2 Peri Workout
Day 7: Circuits (CT's Destroying Fat) - Low Carb


It is working tremendously well for a few buddies, one probably around 6-8% bodyfat, and others who are dropping fat quite quickly. It's pretty fun too to eat all the foods your body craves in one giant stretch of time.


My understanding of the concept was that it's 2 phases as the traditional loading, but not so mixed up that they end up screwing each other up.


I have trouble with normal carb ups lol I get sick of them after 2-3 meals normally.


maybe your meals are too big or your liquid intake stays too high.


And then you'll single handedly eat an entire wedding cake :slight_smile:
(Congrats Brother)