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Cutting Related Q's


Hi, at the end of your bulking season when you start cutting, what happens regards your weight training? Do you stop that and just go for cardio or reduce the number of sets/reps?



Are you cutting for a specific purpose or just to reduce weight a bit?

Assuming you have no specific purpose (ie. body building competition) I'd advise the following.

First try a maintenance diet for a few weeks, it usually helps retain muscle.

Then reduce calories a little (try ~300 kcals) by cleaning up your diet some. If you drop a couple pounds a week, stay at that kcal level till your weight doesn't move. Then repeat.

As for training, well it depends what your doing. Generally though continue to train about the same, but if you're feeling run-down take an extra day off and/or cycle in some lighter weight/ higher rep work in place of some heavy lifting.

As for cardio, well either do some slow steady state like walking or running (I hate this) or try Interval training (ie. sprints on a bike or foot) or weight complexes.

If you cut out weight training you can kiss all that hard work of gaining muscle good-bye. Again, first just try cleaning up your diet some.