Cutting questions

Ok,I know everyone’s currently into Coach Davies’s stuff for strength,and all that.
I got a different question.It’s almost time to cut and I need answers.

workouts can still be 5x5 pretty heavy or should it be changed to more reps and less sets? I plan on sticking to lifting only and not doing cardio(damned cardio)but of course,I enjoy playing some bball with frens etc.

What is the formula to calculate calories to be consumed during cutting phase?

Any other changes needed? I plan on taking MD6.
I will plan in more detail later…i don’t cut until 1-2 more weeks.

You can still keep your heavy exercises in while cutting…this will help maintain your strength and size. Since you won’t be doing any cardio it might be a good idea to pick a heavy basic exercise each workout and do it for 5X5 or 6X3 or whatever…after this speed the rest of the routine up with giant circuits or G.b.c type training to burn more calories.
As far as caloric intake how are you currently eating now? Calories should start from 10-15 calories per lb of bodyweight. If you’re 10% bf or less start with 15 and go down from there. Macronutrients depend on the individual but typically a starting diet of 40% carb 30% protein and 20% fat works well. The leaner you get the higher your protein % and lower carbohydrate % so you might end up eating 50% protein 30% fat and 20% carb with a high carb meal (oatmeal, potato, banana) once every 4 days. hope this helps

What are “giant circuits or G.b.c type training” ? Examples?

Look at Charles staley’s Convergent phase training (from issue 141) or GBC (from issue 34) u may even want to combine the two, uses CPT 3 core lifts then instead of a circut follow a GBC program after