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Cutting Question


For those who have competed or gotten down to single digit BF did you count veggies in your daily intake? Is it only necessary when getting into contest condition?

I am a few days into my cut and wonder if I should stop counting them. Whereas I stick to the same starches I may eat a variety of veggies and weighing/measuring them is a hassle.


I don’t. Most competitors I know don’t. SOme people do though. The bottom line is that whichever approach you take, as long as you’re consistent (either always do or always don’t), you’ll be fine.



Depends on the veggies and how much you’re eating. Broccoli and green beans have minimal calories, can eat a pound of them for like 100-150 calories. I still count them, but they’re pretty miniscule. Things like carrots, corn, peas, etc. actually have some calories in them. I think peas are like 400-500 cals for a pound of them? Not sure exactly.

But yes I would say if you vary your veggies between ones with calories and ones with minimal calories, you should keep at least a rough track similar to what I do. A 300-500 calorie difference between veggies is significant enough in my eyes. Granted, if all you eat is a 8 ounces of broccoli or green beans you could probably get by without counting them. But 16 ounces of carrots or peas or corn I feel should be recorded.

I don’t measure exactly, I look at the bag for calories before I cook them then estimate how much I eat (i.e. 1/4, 1/2 of the bag) and use that as my calories consumed.


Oh yeah, should have mentioned that while a good number of veggies are regarded as “free” foods, there are some that aren’t.

If you stick to the green fibrous ones and a few odd non-greens (onions, peppers etc), you’ll pretty good not worrying too much about 'em.



Thanks. Would your veggie intake stay relatively the same through out the week or would you eat 1 lb one day .5 lb the next. I worry that I may start using the veggies as a way to stay “full” and it effecting my progress.

I stick to greens, peppers, tomatoes, onions and mushrooms.


I never measured them out. If I was hungry (which was pretty often), I would make sure to include veggies with my meals. I’d cook peppers and onions in my morning eggs, always have sides of broccoli, spinach or even just a huge salad with lunch,… nothing really overly planned.