cutting program

I hope you all can help me with this question. As i read posts, articles, etc of training i can’t decide which one would be the best to try while cutting for summer. my goal is to retain as much hard-earned muscle as i can and there appears to be plenty of good programs on this site but i can’t decide which one to use. if anyone has gotten good results from any of these please advise me on which to go with. thanks


Realy any solid program will due the job as long as you have a solid diet.

I my self, as well as many round these parts perfer to lift heavy, almost exclusively during cutting. This is great at preserving strength and being less catabolic then a high volume program.

ABBH is another great program quite a few of us have used during cutting, a mixture of low and high rep.

I say just chose something that catches your eye. Any program on this site you are assured to be a solid one and give it a try. Diet will be your main weapon toward your goals.

Good luck.

Hey, there, Trailer!

Good advice by Phill (as always). In particular, I’d second his Anti-BodyBuilding Hypertrophy (ABBH 1 & 2) recommendation. I’m a huge fan of Chad Waterbury’s programs myself.

In addition, I would recommend that you read the Forum FAQ. There is no one cutting program that will help you achieve your goals better than the others. Mostly it boils down to personal preference. In conjunction with optimizing your diet, there are any NUMBER of programs that will help you achieve your goals. Make sure you are giving equal attention to diet and resistance training, both. In other words, start reading . . . and DON’T STOP!!! (grin)

Try a program and run it to conclusion. Pick another program, and do the same thing. Keep going until you hit your goals. It’s that simple. I’m serious. (grin)

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

thanks guys. i have zeroed my diet in to suit my current goals and now the training part is the only facet i am undecided on. you guys have been a big help.