Cutting Program

I am currently trying to drop some body fat. My current stats are 5’7’', 177lbs, 14% body fat. Please critique my training program/diet.

I am doing the 5x5 Ripped Rugged and Dense. After lifting I perform 15 minutes of moderate intensity cardio (usually incline treadmill walking. On three of my off days, jumprope with a 1:1 work:rest ratio (30 secs on, 30 off,) for 15-20 min.

Currently, I am using a daily protocol of 1cc of Trenbolone Acetate. I am on my 30th day of androgen use, and I plan to do 20 more days.

My diet is as follows:

Meal 1
3/4 c oats
1 c lactose-free skim milk
1 scoop whey
1tbs unsweetened cocoa powder
3tbs splenda

Meal 2
2 scoops whey
1/4 cup cashews
1 oz lactose-free yogurt cheese

80 grams carbs
40 grams whey

Meal 4
2 Turkey sausages or 8 oz flank steak
1 cup green veggies
1 tbs flax oil

Meal 5
8 oz Alaskan King Salmon
small green salad
2 tsp olive oil/ 2tsp balsamic vinegar

Meal 6
1 cup lactose-free cottage cheese or 2 scoops whey
2 tbs nat peanut butter or 4.5 tsp flax oil

Approx 2500 cals

Hey, there, vdawg. I can see you’ve been reading the board for a while. Your post has all the information any of us could need for a critique.

I’ll start off with your workout. 5x5 is not a bad choice. But honestly, since you’re using chemical assistance, you’d be safe with a hypertrophy program. 5x5 is more of a strength program and doesn’t provide enough volume for maximal hypertrophy. If you like strength work, look at Chad Waterbury’s Anti-BodyBuilding Hypertrophy.

Suggestion #2 (without the explanation (unless you ask)), separate cardio and weight training. Cardio in the morning and weight training at night would be optimal, and your goals would be better served. It’s an “opportunity.” (grin)

The six meals is a very good thing! Excellent!!!

You even have PWO nutrition. Very, very good! I assume it’s a PWO drink??? (crossing fingers) Maltodextrin or dextrose? (crossing fingers second time)

Okay. Let’s talk about food choices. Some people do well with dairy. Some people don’t. I am not a fan of dairy when cutting. There are better forms of protein and better forms of carbs. Do a search on galactose here on the forum. I’ve written about it extensively.

Protein shakes are convenient, but I’d like to see you getting more “real” food. One benefit of chewing your protein is that it takes more calories to break it down.

Okay, let me give you some numbers to hit.

Protein when you’re “on” should be 2g per pound of TBW. That’s 340g of protein per day. Carb intake should be about the same, 340g. The two combined are already hitting 2720 calories. Fat intake should be low when you’re on (because carb intake is higher than when you’re not “on”). In general when you raise carbs, you need to drop fat and vice versa. Think of a see-saw. Instead of flaxseed oil, go ahead and switch to 6g of EPA/DHA (found in fish oil). Other than that, don’t add fat. Just take in whatever fat you get in the lean cuts of meat you eat.

Your diet, the numbers, when you’re “off” will be different, of course. But the goal here is to protect and even maximize LBM gains. Believe it or not, that means enough calories and the correct ratio of macronutrients.

Okay. That’s pretty much it. Questions or comments? (grin)

You can lose 5% bf EASY in a month without steroids. That’s a 9% bf end result. That is tremendous progress done naturally.

Tell me - what is your reason for juicing up? A month not fast enough for you?

Honest to god I’m baffled at some of the people who juice just because they can. If you haven’t hit your genetic ceiling - and at a twigly 177 lbs, 14% bf, I doubt it you have - than you have no reason to be on steroids.

Do the hard work the smart way and the results will come.

Surely you don’t have surgery to get rid of a measle cold that can as easily be treated with rest and over the counter medication!

Vdawg, are you intending to lose weight or gain weight here? I’m assuming that it would be lose weight, but maybe not…

Clarification of goals, please…

Once again TT, another great post. Much props to u. I just have a few things I would like to touch on.

First being a further stress on TT’s recomendation of getting in some more “real” food. You should really try and get some more variety of good protein sources. You could start by just replacing 1 shake meal with something you have to chew.

The other thing I would like to touch on is your K/cal amount and your training. As I see it you have two directions to turn one being the one that TT so completly laid out for you. It would allow for you to take advantage of the androgens to get mass gains and would actually lead to making it easier for you to cut later due to the fact you will have added more LBM. While you might not lose as much BF following it.

The other option I see is to stick with the 5x5 and lift heavy. While following this you could actually drop your K/cals even lower and use the androgens not to build mass but, to preserve the LBM you already have, while shedding the fat you had mentioned.

It all depends on what you personally feel is more important, your own goals.

With that said, I would like to suggest that you do consider what TT has laid out. Seeing as you have stated that you are at 14% body fat, it is not like you are carrying an extreme amount of fat. If you follow a hypertrophy program and the diet she has stated you will get gains of LBM and little to no added BF and possibly even accheive the ultimate loss of BF and gain LBM @ the same time.

Not to hijack your thread but TT any thoughts on the 2nd option I laid out would be appreciated. I would like to hear your opinion on it.

Just my 2cc


Phill, I very much like Option #2 as you laid it out. Using an AAS does allow you to aggressively drop calories.

It boils down to what vdawg’s goals and priorities are. If he only wants drop BF and doesn’t have a secondary goal of bulking after he drops BF, I’d probably recommend that he go with your approach. Protein requirements at 2g per pound of TBW should be met; that part’s not negotiable. The caloric deficit should come entirely from carbs and fat.

Excellent alternative approach!!! (grin)

FYI . . .

If the goal is to put on maximum muscle, I’d go with 2g of Protein and 3g of Carbs per pound of TBW.

If the goal is to put on a little muscle and drop fat at the same time, I’d go with 2g of Protein and 2g of Carbs per pound of TBW.

If the goal is to drop the maximum amount of BF possible and hold on to LBM, I’d go with 2g of Protein .5g of Carbs. If you wanted to get even more aggressive, I’d go with .5g of Carbs only on days you lift weights and no more than 20g of Carbs on days you don’t lift weights. Honestly, of the two, my preference is really .5g of Carbs every day.

As it relates to fat, I would still recommend meeting the 6g of EPA/DHA requirement and, other than that, keep fat low.

These recommendations, of course, are only for someone using AAS/prohormone assistance.