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Cutting Program

Just looking for a bit of input here…

Right now I’m doing a no/low carb cutting diet, taking in about 1900cals on non-workout days, and about 2200 on workout days. Depending on the day it’s about 30% fat and 70% protein from mostly lean sources (chicken/tuna/lean beef/eggs/efa’s). It’s been working well for me.

I’ve been doing a pretty simple routine of compounds using dumbells like incline bench, rows and the like in the 6-8 rep ranges. I’ve been following this routine for about 2 months. Looking for something fresh to keep me motivated through the next 2 months.

Anyone have or know of a good workout scheme that meshes well with a restricted carb diet?

Oh, as far as supplementation, I’m not too sure about the rules regarding mentioning non Biotest stuff, so I’ll leave most of it out, but I keep it simple. a good pre-w/o and post workout and solid multivitamin.