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Cutting Plateau - help plz :(

I’ve been on a low carb high protein cutting diet for 6 weeks. Results have been good, but I seem to have hit a wall. Recently added 30 to 45 min cardio first thing in the morn on empty stomach. Info - 28yo,5’11,202#,9%bf. I want to get super lean. I know I won’t hold 4-6%bf for long, but I’d like to get there, cuz I never have. Thinking maybe I should reverse the carbs to moderate and the fat to very low. Any specific pro help on show prep and final cutting? Thanks, Darrin

Your body has likely adapted to your diet. I wouldn’t recommend reversing it, but up the carbs and lower the fat a bit. Do it a little at a time, maybe even cut cals by 100 for the first week. Make sure you’re consuming the carbs earlier in the day.

Additionally, you provided no information on whether you're supplementing at all. I would suggest some ALA, and a good fatburner. If you really want to get lean quick, pick up some Methoxy and/or 4ad, and cut cals more while being able to maintain LBM. Hope this helps.

Thanks Trev. I’ve been taking the recommended dose of Hydroxycut. Just finished up the last shot of a cypionate cycle, too. As of today I started upping my carbs just a little, cutting out the fat, and taking Omega pills for good fat. Whole grain bread, plain oatmeal - small serving early in the day. What exactly are the other things you mention? Not sure what they are.
Thx again,