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Cutting Plan\T-dawg 2.0 w\ carbup's. (Tampa Style)

Ok. Ive been doing very short cycles latley. 2 Weeks cutting followed by 2 weeks at maintence. My concern is not losing LBM and strength. I will be going on the t-dawg about 7 weeks from now. When i use short cycles I only will be taking my T-2 pro and MD-6(Hott rox when it comes out) for 2 weeks at a time. Is this long enough for them to be effective. Also I will be using the T-Mag program. So i was thinking about going 6 weeks cutting, 2 weeks maintence, then finishing my final 3 weeks cutting. And it also happends that those maintence weeks are the weeks that MAG-10 is suggested. However i don’t think i will use mag-10 unless you guys think it would be a good idea, i have also thought about using methoxy, but many times iuve been told i don’t need these types off products at 19 years old, and that they could do hormonal damage. but i think that the increased cals that week will help me with the increased intensity of those weeks. After this when i’m renegade training goingn into my grappling tourney i think i’m going to go 40\30\30, but will worry about that then.
Thanx Ryan

Ryan, what are your stats? BW, BF%, the amount of weight you need to lose, timeframe; i.e., do you have a deadline?

You said you’ve been doing short cycles and that you’ll be doing T-Dawg in 7 weeks. What have been your results thus far? And if you could, tell me about your diet now, too, i., caloric intake, meal frequency, protein/carb/fat intake in grams.

Also, which program are you using currently?

Just a few things I need to know. Otherwise I could only give you my best guesses.

Ryan- Don’t use Mag-10 yet. Your too young. Wait a few years. Plenty of natural development yet to occur.

Tampa- You don’t remember me?

5’8’’ 169 8.4%bdf. Right now massive eating 40%P 40%F 20%C. Eating 3300 cals. Remeber we had the hole thing where you told me it wasn’t necessary to carb up. And im shooting for the grappling tounrey in augest.


upping for tampa

What do you think…

3weeks maintenence(on week 2 now), 3 weeks cutting, 2 weeks maintence,T-DAWG 5 weeks cutting, 2 weeks maintence, 3 weeks cutting.

Ryan, forgive me. No, I promise I haven’t forgotten who you are. I just answer so many questions that sometimes my brain can’t hold or remember all of the numbers and particulars. So thanks for helping me out, there.

Okay. One of your concerns is that you don’t want to lose strength or LBM. Just make sure you’re getting your 1.5g of protein per pound of BW, divided into at least six meals. That will go a long ways towards protecting LBM while cutting. Another thing you should be doing to protect LBM is using Surge (if you’re not already) for post-workout recovery.

As far as strength goes, use a 5x5 strength program like Joel Marion’s Ripped, Rugged & Dense on the weeks that you are cutting. You shouldn’t be using/doing a hypertrophy program when you’re hypocaloric/cutting.

Re the T2-Pro, I would use it continuously. And I don’t know enough about Hot-Roxx to comment on that one yet.

What sort of results are you seeing with the Massive Eating protocol? Has your weight increased? Has your BF gone up?

Ryan, I’d really like to see you play it by ear. In other words, you might spend 4 weeks cutting or you might spend 8 weeks cutting. But cut (or bulk) for as long as necessary to achiever your goals. And as far as bulking goes, I’d like to see you switch to cutting when you hit 10% BF. Don’t let your BF get any higher than 10%.

Re the Mag-10, I agree strongly with Hedo. Skip it for the time being. And if you’d like to get the most bang for your buck, absolutely start using Methoxy at double dosage while you’re bulking. It’s a partitioning and a hardening agent. It’s is not a steroid or a pro-hormone, and it will absolutely not mess you up hormonally. Promise.

Okay. Does that help? (grin) Sorry it took so long for me to reply. I’ve been really backed up into a corner with commitments.

Yea i know your busy, It looks like every question on here is directed towards you. Yes i always get 1.5G of protien, usually have 7 meals. I’m currently using surge. But for the next 4 weeks im going to come off and use something else then come back when i go on t-dawg.

The thing with the training program is ive been training for strength for the past 4 monthes, and this month comming i will also be. I was lookin for the T-mag program to switch it up. Or maybe i’ll look to one of CT’s programs. For some reason i think the t-mag program might work well. It’s looked at as a hypertrophy program, but only in the first 3 weeks is it all high rep, the rest of it thier are 4x3’s and similar work. I’m actually currently using 5x5.

Do you think the 3 weeks maintenence 3 weeks Cut, 2Maintence,5Cut on t-dawg, 2Maintence on t-dawg, and finish my last 3 cutting on the t-dawg.
I was going to use t-2 and md-6 on only my cutting weeks. WIll that be effective? Thats my main question if those products will be effective on 3 weeks then 5 weeks, then a 3 week cycle(opposed to my 2M,2C first idea)Thats a total of 11 weeks cutting.

Also I’ll be using HIIT 3x’s(2X’s when i hit the T-DAWG) a week with a 1:1 ratio 20 minutes varying cardio, adding 2 mins a week. Then after that i might go to 400M sprints. The sprints will be removed on cutting weeks.

I’m just using those few weeks at maintence to make sure i keep strength and muscle. Maybe i’ll use methoxy for my final 3 weeks cutting, at normal dose due to $. Massive eating has gone very well, ive been adjusting my cals due to body anylysis. I like it, i will continue to use the meal combining. On cutting weeks I’ll subtract 500 cals from maitenence and go from thier(maybe subtracting another 100per week). The only thing about the t-dawg. The last time i went on the old t-dawg with meltdown training, i lost 5lb of muslce in 4 weeks and gained fat.

damn i posted this yesterday…guess it didn’t work…

Ryan, looks like you’ve decided what you want to do. Give it a go and see what happens. That’s all anyone can do.

Good luck!!!