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Cutting Plan - Critiques?

Wanted to get you guys input on my current plan

Age - 41
Height - 5’ 8.5”
Weight - 182
BF ~18-20%
TDEE - ~2500cal (factoring in exercise)
Dietary breakdown - 1700-1800 cals
Protein - 150g
Carbs - 120g
Fats - 70g

Current Pic

Typical day

Shake - 1 scoop protein, half a banana, 4oz unsweetened alamond milk, 6oz black coffee

1/4 cup steel cut oats, 1/4 cup blueberries

Mid morning
Kirkland Nut Bar

6oz grilled chicken breast or 6oz Cod fillet
1.5oz baby spinach/spring mix salad
2tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil homemade It Dress
Large Apple (pre-workout carbs)

Afternoon Snack
1/4 cup peanuts
1/4 cup Almonds
4oz sliced cucumber with 1tbsp olive oil

Pre Workout (30 min before)
1 scoop Protein Powder in water
1 scoop C4 in water
1 scoop creatine in water

Workout M-F
M - Chest and Triceps
T - Back and Biceps
W - Legs and Shoulders
T - Chest
F - Biceps

90-120min weight lifting followed by 20 min cardio

1 cup white rice (post workout carbs)
4-6oz Grilled Chicken Breast or Talapia / Cod

One cheat meal per week (usually Saturday lunch) where there are no limits for that meal, and the rest of that day usually winds up being just one or two meals as outlined above.

What do you guys think?


Hey @bmbrady77, the overall calories are a bit low. That is basically the bottom of the barrel for someone your weight. Means when you stall you have no room left to work with unless you drop lower and that could effect your progress. I would shoot for around 2500 and taper that down to no less than 1800 towards the end. You could then manipulate your cardio for the finish line. How long are you planning this diet?

Your Protein is sitting low for your weight of 182lbs. General rule is normally 1 gram per lb minimum, some people would go 1.2-1.5 grams per lb. I would increase that to at least 180-200g. Food selection and overall diet layout is great, just not enough IMO if this is the start of your journey.

No harm with the cheat meal. I normally have a Saturday night for mine with a movie or something, me and the wife. I’m a big sucker for Chinese foods lol


I was calculating this based on ~1g per pound of LBM. Is it better to go for total weight on this figure?

I’ve been in a deficit for about a year and a half and have worked down to this total. I started at around 212lbs. Don’t have a pic of then but this was a few months back at around 196-198.

You think it would be a good idea to reset back up to around 2500 and then taper back down again? Kind of shock the metabolism? The original plan was to keep the deficit until I hit at least 10-12% then work back up.

Thanks for the input man!

Just up calories to 2k a day and assess fat loss in two weeks. No need to overthink this, the advice given in the first response is very solid and likely all you’ll need.

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Congratulations, that is good progress. As Samul says there is no need to overthink this. Just increase calories and protein and check back later. Good luck bud

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Thanks for your help guys!


Check my figuring here guys if you don’t mind please… @Rizla81

New modified meal plan. This is what it looked like today…

Shake 1 scoop (30g) Protein Isolate, 4 oz black coffee, 4 oz unsweetened almond milk, half banana

2 large eggs (fried in avocado oil)
1 slice 21 whole grain bread
1/2 cup steel cut oats
1/2 cup blueberries

Midday snack
Kirkland Nut Bar

6 oz grilled chicken breast (boneless / skinless)
4 oz broccoli (steamed)
1 large apple (pre-workout carbs)

Afternoon snack
1/4 cup peanuts
1/4 cup walnuts

1 scoop (30g) Whey Isolate protein powder in water
C4 pre workout

Post workout / Dinner
1 cup white rice (post workout carbs)
6oz Grilled Talapia fillet
3.5oz Brussel Sprouts

Cals - 2096
Protein - 180g
Carbs - 157g
Fats - 82g

Does this look a little more on track?

Thanks for taking the time.

I agree with the suggestions above about increased protein. It’s the only macro that your body won’t store excess of. It also has a thermogenic nature that will help boost metabolism. IMO you should lower your fat intake too. For your height and weight I’d shoot for the following macros.

C- 175
F - 40

That should be right at 1960 calories. Try to get at least a gallon of water per day, and have both slow digesting and fast digesting proteins (example: whey and chicken). Will make it easier for your body to process. If more protein is making you constipated add a blended digestive enzyme with meals, a probiotic and Metamucil at night.

I’d also include more greens than you have listed. You can eat them in large quantities without many calories and the added fiber is great.

And congratulations you’ve made amazing progress so far! Keep it up man


Thank you so much for the info man. I appreciate your time!!

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Sorry I’m late to the party bmbrady, had an early night. Think Jack has it covered, I’d listen to thee man of shred lol. I agree also on your progress, great work so far. Keep at it man.

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Thank you brother.

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