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Cutting Phase


At 176 and 5'8 (I know this isn't huge at all) I'd like to cut before I bulk up again. My bf% is around 15% and I want to drop it to 10 before I bulk.

My plan's like this:

Diet: I've gone on a plan where I eat carbs only in my Pre and Post WO Shakes, just to give me the intensity/recovery I need for workouts. At all other times I will be eating low carb, and a sample meal would include a plate of chicken with broccoli and spinach.


Monday: Back/Bi

4 x fail Chins
3 x 10 Cable Rows
3 x 10, 10, burnout curls
3x 6 Deadlifts
3 x fail reverse curls

Tuesday: Pick-up Bball games

Wed: Chest/Tri/Shoulders

3x 10 incline
3x 10 decline
3x 10 shoulder press
3x 10 pec flys
4x fail dips

Thurs: Bball

Fri: Legs/Bis/Tris

3x 10 close stance squat
3 x 10 wide stance squat
4 x 10 calf raises
3 x 10 curls
3 x fail tris

Should I be playing bball on my off days, is my workout shitty, or anything else?



your plan seems to be pretty decent. If I were you I would prioritize squats and dead lifts. Your basketball games will be great for conditioning. It would be a good idea to determine your daily intakes of fat, protein, and carbs though. I would say get atleast one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight, and just make sure to match fat with protein interms of calories. For instance, 25 grams of protein = about 11 grams of fat.

p.s. consume fats in the forms of olive oil, fish oil, and nuts.


Definately prioritize. You want your heaviest lifts first, and the more isolation lifts last. That is so you can workout efficiently with intensity. For example, if you put deads last on monday, how much energy could you possibly have to complete some heavy sets? That should make the workouts much better!