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Cutting Phase

Currently, since my goal is to get as lean as possible with 10 weeks remaining until selection night, I am implementing a lot of cuting strategies (this is what i am doing so far)been doing this for 3.5 weeks;

Zig zag carbs \ calories
50protein-30carbs-20fats macro ratio
2400cal low–3000-3400cal high day
usually 3-low(carb\calorie)days: 1-highcal/carb days; but sometimes 2:1 if; in fact, my body fat has decrease by half a pound by the third day of a four day rotation.
cardio 40min at 80% mhr (156bpm try to keep it close) 6-7 days a week()-after workout on weight lifting days
morning of every high day i weigh and use calipers (accumeasure) and circumference measurements
i am following a 4 day split
4sets\ 6-12 progressive resistence(if i can get 12 reps than i move up weight)
fat loss has slowed a bit, and instead of throwing in another cardio
session what I would like to know is if, in fact, i can super set with this type of program(to increase possible muscle gain? even though its unlikely on a calorie def. and to burn more calories to help with fat loss) Let me
explain, superset on the same muscle; just from a different angle. for
example, incline press(6-12reps), then without rest incline
then rest, for 4 sets and on last set of each exercise use this as a drop set for both
exercises. usually i would drop weight2-3 times after failure, so i would still do this with both exercises of the superset. I would continue this for the entire workout(2 body parts and 3 exercises per body part(and now i would like to add a super set to each exercise…hitting the same muscle. Makes for a longer workout, but i am willing to do the
work. I tried this today and my chest and arms felt a lot more fatigued than usual, with a great pump.
what do you think?
Got the idea from, good old, “arnold” and his competition training. difference being i am not using anything and that i am only hitting each body part once, sometimes twice a week, as opposed to what he has set at three times a week.

alright i’ve said enough.