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Cutting Phase?


I have been bulking since mid august and ive gained an ok amount of size and now i was just wondering should I start my cutting phase or is it too early. If it is time than can some one put up a link to an article that gives tips or info about cutting without losing muscle. thanks


2 months is not a bulk

  1. Six weeks is just getting started
  2. Read more. Use the search function


... Did you purposely try to put this up with literally no information at all?


continue your bulk for 4 years


No no, he was talking about august 2010.


i was talking about 2010 august


There's still 0 information.


How much weight did you gain, and how's your body composition (fat etc)?

As for fat loss while maintaining muscle, this depends mostly on how low your calories go. Too low and for too long = muscle loss risk

Muscles will not stay if there is not enough to support them (diet and strength).

Worse thing people do on a cut is doing things too drastically (starving/excessive exercise) and changing crap up so much to the point of confusion/misdirection.


What did you weigh when you started? What do you weigh now?
How many cal./day were you consuming when you started? How many now?
What are the macros?

What was your squat when you started? Now?
What was your flat press when you started? Now?
What was your o.h. press when you started? Now?
What was your deadlift when you started? Now?
What was your row when you started? Now?