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Cutting Phase: Rate of Weight Loss

Hello my fellow T-Nation readers. I’m opening this new topic as i’m on a cutting phase.

Some basic info first:

circa 4 years lifting seriouly
Weight before beginning of cutting phase-268lb

After 2 months or around 9 weeks of focussing on fat loss, i weigh 241lb, which practically means i’ve been losing 3 pound per week. My goal is to continue losing weight for 2 more months until dropping to a bw of 220lb.

On the bright side, my strength levels are mostly unaffected, sonething which i would never expect. I was worried i would lose a lot of strength after such a weight loss, however not only have i kept my previous strenght level, i upped my training volume and am still going strong.

A couple of questions/comments:

  1. What do you think about my weight loss rate?
  2. I’d like to hear some fat loss experiences from other
    T-Nation guys
  3. During the rest of the weight loss phase i will try to slightly reduce the rate of weight loss from 3 to 2 pound per week.
    4)For a guy weighing 240lb like i do, how many calories would 60 minutes of walking on a 5km/h pace on a treadmill as inclined as possible?

I am not built like you but do this once a week. It works incredibly well for me.

Have you taken your body composition in order to make sure you are not losing some lean mass as well? 3 lbs per week seems a bit rapid and if that was me I would be a little concerned that some may be muscle…just something to think about.