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Cutting: Personal Help

Hello Everyone,
I’ve been a member of these forums for a while but rarely post here. I have a few questions and any help would be greatly appreciated.
(Story if you have time to see some background if not skip down to the **)

Summer 07- I weighed 235 at 5’6" in december, and by the summer cut myself all the way down to a gross 155. In which case my boxing trainer said i was like a skeleton with muscles on me under like 7%BF. I was so happy with myself and loved it, and so did the girls.

Then that fall came freshman year at college… I Now currently weigh about 210… again. I recently joined a gym and go daily pretty much.

**My workouts usually consist of me running on the elliptical for like 350-450 calories, on the treadmill for like 100 calories, and the bike for like 50, all with high resistances. I am very carb sensitive so whenever i eat some pasta or something it just sticks to me its gross.

I am wondering if anyone would be able to help me with a cutting weightlifting routine. I’m kind of bad with weights like knowing what to do and not do. The only supplements i can really afford is a multivitamin, and i have vitamin B6,12 and Vitamin C too. I have Whey Protein powder i usually mix with water while working out if i do some weight lifting and stuff.

I have dining hall food pretty much which is shitty food, but there is also no limit on the amount of a certain food i can have.

If anyone can tell me a rough estimate of what to eat and not eat, or the training it would be very helpful. Also i can go grocery shopping and cook for myself on occasion, usually dinners are homemade.

Thank you in advance


I’m sure many others here have great advice, but what has worked well for me is primarily Thib’s stuff.

“Refined Physique Transformation” by Christian Thibaudeau is very useful.

“Destroying Fat” is as well, particularly for a twice/week lifting routine: http://www.T-Nation.com/readArticle.do?id=1499282

I found twice a week, one day chest/back (Bench press,Rows, DB flies, Straight-arm pull-downs) and one day legs (Squat, Romanian deadlift, Leg Ext. and Leg Curls) done heavy and as otherwise described in “Destroying Fat” to be effective at preserving mass/strength through serious cutting.

Lactate-inducing lifting (same article) is also fun.

Regarding what to eat: http://www.T-Nation.com/article/diet_and_nutrition/nutrition_for_newbies&cr=

Basically just eat often and eat lean protein with veggies/fruit, and throw in some fat every day. I do well with about 1-2 pounds of meat, some whey protein, and about 2-4 pounds of fruit and veggies per day (and nothing else). Stir frying the veg, a bit of olive oil on salads and eating fatty fish can add some oil which you need.

I only supplement with a multivitamin, creatine and fish oil, which are all fairly cheap but if you don’t have them no problem.

Read the beginner stickies, especially Vroom’s thread ‘Are You A Beginner II’. It should be the second or third thread down in the beginner forum.

It should address a number of your concerns