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Cutting on First Cycle Using Test-E Only

Hi, I’ve been lifting for about 10 years, made nice gains and for the most part was 15-20% bf, not ever seriously cutting, nor ever being serious about cutting. However, from Dec-18 to Feb-20 my training consistency was crap, as was my diet, so I gained a lot of weight and loss strength and muscle (my son was born and I also started a new job).

I’m now currently 210lbs at 30% body fat. I’ve been training consistently again for the last 4 months and taking a cut seriously. I was 217lbs at 35% body fat before I started the cut. Got most of my strength back, and during my weight loss have definitely gained some muscle back too.

I want to get my bf% down. I know if I carry on my diet and training as it is, it will continue to come down. To expedite the weight loss (and hopefully continue to gain muscle and strength) I wanted to try a cycle. I know there’s clen, anavar, winny that are supposed to be good for cutting but given my bf% it wouldn’t make sense to take those. I was thinking a Test only cycle, 150mg pins twice a week for 10 weeks and adding nolvadex from week 6 on to minimise the estrogen side effects.

Concern is the estrogen side effects given the high bf%.

Any advice? Is it a good idea to cycle whilst having high body fat as a first cylce or shall I wait until my body fat is lower? If it is ok to cycle now, is the cycle I mentioned above a good one?

There is no reason to cycle until you have an ideal natural physique. A cycle is not going to magically help you cut. It can help you maintain muscle in a deficit but you’re nowhere close to needing that from your own description.

This is a long game not a short one. Congrats on getting back to the gym but you’ve only been at it 4 months again. See what you can do in a years time, I bet a lot.


Cut naturally. For the majority of users steroids are for building mass that you otherwise couldn’t. Trying to cut on your first cycle is simply a waste of potential.