Cutting on 531

soo i am currently cutting and i am having trouble on many of my lifts trying to keep up with the progression while i am losing weight. would it be an alright idea to freeze a few of the lifts and just work towards better rep PRs while increasing the lifts that i am actually able to increase on still?

for example if my military press is getting stuck is it alright to freeze it and really work the form and try and hit better rep PRs while i continue to increase my deadlift?

i have lost about 10-15 in the last 2 cycles i have ran and my goal is still to lose 10-15 lbs more - my goal weight is 198 by may 28th.

stats please

best dl 250x15, squat 225x6 bench 160x12

Is there a reason you need to meet that weight by May 28th? A competition/weigh in/just for summer?

On military press, do you mean you can’t complete the prescribed reps? By “freeze the lifts” do you mean not increase the weight after a cycle? If you need to, just complete the prescribed reps on the top sets if you think they are stalling your progress elsewhere. If the problem continues consider dropping the weight for your 1 rep max and starting out lighter. For me, military press was the first to stall out.

What assistance work are you doing?

How much protein are you eating?

How much are you sleeping?