Cutting Nuts from Your Diet

I just read the new Chek article and I’m curious as to how you all feel about his statement of eliminating nuts from his diet. Especially after an article was published on how great Almonds are.

Here is a statement for those that have not read the article:

TM: Whoa, I’ve heard eliminate gluten before, but eliminate nuts? They’re on basically every nutritional authority’s “good foods” list?

PC: And what research are these “authorities” basing their recommendations off of? Each other’s bullshit, incestuous, agenda-driven research.

I’m a clinician. I work with patients every day, and 95% of the time when I remove all gluten, nuts, and seeds, I see dramatic improvements within five days.

Nuts and seeds have phytic acid in their coating, which is a known mineral and enzyme blocker and is broken down in the sprouting process. If eaten without breaking it down first, phytic acid inhibits the absorption of a variety of minerals and trace minerals, and can neutralize our own digestive enzymes.

This results in many of the digestive disorders experienced by people that eat unsprouted grains. Eating nuts and seeds without soaking them in quality drinking water for at least 8-12 hours to break down the phytic acid can, and frequently does, block our digestive enzymes from functioning. This has led to un-estimable problems with digestion, which can, and often do lead to disease.

Is this all true? I mean I eat a good amount of almonds, pistachios and sunflower seeds daily. At least 1/4 cup of all 3. Is this bad? Good? I’d appreciate any thoughts or opinions.

Thanks in advance!!

I couldn’t imagine life without the taste of sweet salty nuts in my mouth… Wait what?

Paul WHO?

Bullshit agenda spewing child molesters