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Cutting Nutrition

I just have a question about cutting, its been 4 weeks and ive been doing the 100 carbs a day protocal and other calories split between protein and fats…

I’ve gotten pretty lean in the past doing low carbs, so i am kind of “scared” increasing carbs if you know what i mean

I’ve always done low carb to keto for cutting, but i see a lot of people cutting on 40/40/20 splits or something to that effect and i am wondering why so many body building articles preach lower carbs if its cals in vs cals out. I get that carbs increase insulin and that may be the reason or maybe its because carb is the preferred fuel for the body, but other than that, why is it preached in the body building world? (Christian Thibadeau for one example)

Also, why is it when i am on low carbs, even if i increase my carb intake but still remain in a caloric deficit, the weight on the scale increases? Doesn’t my body use the energy for the day? If its used, theres no way it can go to my glycogen storage?

thank you

Just spent 2 hours a day, 4 hours on my days off for the past 2 weeks researching the perfect diet.
I mainly focus on studies and articles that are after 2008 because i want the newest scientific info. some stuff i found out about that changed the way i thought about everything.

Cal in vs cal out is the way to go. Low carb diets has been shown to be a low cal diet in disguise. You eat 500 more cal comprised of 0 carbs all protein and fats and YOU WILL GAIN WEIGHT. The fact that you did not eat any carbs means nothing.

The preaching of low carbs has all but stopped in most if not all the CURRENT articles and studies I’ve read.

Weight changes daily based on water retention and a bunch of other factors.

“Insulin spikes” has been show to mean nothing to the average athlete. recent studies show that between 2 groups of healthy people, eating the exact amount of calories with one group eating low glycemic carbs and another eating high glycemic carbs, both groups lost the same amount of body fat. They measured both groups of people and everything, blood pressure, lipid levels… bunch of other stuff … down to Fecal patterns … has been shown to be exactly the same. The only difference was one group had higher cholesterol but body composition wise, they were the same.

Too lazy to list the source… Belive me or don’t… don’t matter to me but i encourage you to do your own research.

in a nut shell, find out what your maintenance cal is.

eat 500 below if trying to cut, eat 500 above if trying to bulk. 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight when trying to cut, 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight if trying to bulk.

.30-.50 gram of healthy fat when cutting. 1 to 1.5 grams of health fat when trying to bulk.

Fill in rest of cal with Carbs.