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Cutting Nutrition Advice for Test Cycle?

Been working pretty hard and eating solid lately, by no means am I big just seeing if anyone wants to throw some advice out there for me. That could better me to get the most out of the cycle.

Running a Test E cycle 10-12 weeks

Urgent cut needed, already started the cycle about a week in.
Intermittent fasting 12-6pm usually two meals a day, heavy HIIT cardio in the morning followed by a high rep workout 15-20 typically

Feel free to educate me on anything ive said wrong previously, really need help on meals/nutrition been eating grilled fish/shrimp, ton of veggies, and about two portions of rice as my meals
Substitute chicken sometimes but I’ve read that helps more with bulking while the seafood style induces fat loss.

179 lbs right now
Around 20% body fat

Not the best pictures just wanted to take some to show physique

So you didn’t like our prior advice regarding learning the basics before you cycle. Then you open a new account a week in and are seeking advice. Same as before… stop cycling test and learn the basics.

Stop bashing random people, don’t have any advice don’t comment it’s simple. Not here for jokes, I joined this site to improve. Your advice wasn’t constructive criticism

Based on your physique and your apparent lack of knowledge regarding nutrition (and likely lifting) you probably shouldn’t be taking steroids. But since you already are: you should use this cycle to build muscle. Trying to cut while on cycle would be a waste of time and money. You can cut after you build some muscle.

Ultimately weight loss comes down to calories in vs calories out. If I were in your place I would shoot for a 1000 calorie deficit with a 175g protein intake. I prefer fattier meats like beef as they keep me satiated longer, but chicken is good. Fish is too expensive for me to want to eat on a daily basis and I’m also concerned with heavy metals, but I like the occasional tuna steak, poke or sushi.


I’m not bashing. I’m giving you the advice you NEED not the advice you want. How many profiles are you going to make?

FWIW… I wouldn’t even bother cutting. Gain some mass if you’re going to YOLO it. Shoot for maintenance calories IMO. Try to avoid fat gain but I wouldn’t deficit your cycle.

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You don’t need to cut my man. You’re on a first cycle, have very little muscle mass, and you’re going the wrong direction. You need to eat enough to build some size. Salvage what you’ve got going here and make it worth the risk you took.

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You’re skinny fat… I don’t know whether you’ve aware as to the risks associated with you’re decision

Cardiac ailment down the line, nephrotoxicity, neurotoxicity, haematological alterations (hyper coaguable state, risk of stroke etc.)

The risk from one cycle is very low, however I should point out (to you and anyone using) the neurological risks regarding AAS may be far worse than initially thought… this is independent of age (so no… the “I’m an adult because I’m over 25” doesn’t cut it… permenant effects on cognition may be present from supposedly even short term AAS exposure)


(effect of AAS on cognition)

However they did find some weren’t nearly as badly effected compared to the median net effect on cognition, this was strongly correlated with brain structure… this makes a lot of sense actually, many a times have there been individuals coming on here running MASSIVE cycles and I’ve thought (and said) “huh, this guy is making REALLY dumb decisions”

I’m not putting the notion of being skinny fat against you using gear, if you wish to indulge, go ahead… but know the risks, know what you’re potentially getting yourself into

You don’t need to cut, and you’re BF% may be lower than 20%, but you have very little muscular development, hence the lack of definition present. On 500mg weekly you should blow up, esp given you’re apparent lack of training experience

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How do you know this is another guy?