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Cutting Naturally After PCT


i am at week 6 of my first test e cycle as of now..i was wondering if i can cut naturally after pct(not immediately after),when test levels and everything else are back to normal. bodyfat is around 15%

or should i wait till my second cycle to cut?and if i do so, will i be able to get down to 8% bodyfat with test e only cycle again(assuming diet is spot on)?


This is just based on my experiance, but during and after pct I always used to increase calories to try and keep the weight, but all that happened was I got fatter and didnt keep any more muscle as i would have with lower cals. This made me feel shit for longer, and when I lost the fat, I felt "right again" - the fatter you are the less test and more E (again i maybe wrong but this is what i believe).

In my opinion, its best to eat enough calories to stop yourself from becoming catabolic, but not enough to gain extra fat. main thing is to keep hold of as much muscle you gained with the test.

then on your second cycle, you could just run some var/mast prop etc and clen towards the end of a test E cycle

btw, did you run an AI?


Thanks for clearing my doubts.yeah am currently running 0.25 mg adex EOD...one more question i heard var/mast is only effective if you have a low bodyfat to begin with...so if i were to start my second cycle of test and mast/var at 15% bf will it be a waste of time?


Have you considered tren? In your shoes that is what I would be looking into.


Terrible idea. Majority of horror stories I read involve cutting after cycle. Maintain the muscle, and give your body nutrients.


I would never cut after a cycle. Give your body time to find an equilibrium again before going straight into a cutting phase. And honestly AA's are very effective when combined with a cutting phase imo because they allow you to hold on to more muscle versus cutting without them.


I would advise against this as well, your post cycle objective is to not shrink as best you can.


No worries man, and no not at all, compared to a lot of guys a real 15% isnt to bad for an off season/approaching a cut level. in my opinion, as its only your second cycle (you want to get the most results out of the least drugs)maybe bump test up to 600mg/weeks 1-12 (or keep it at 500!), and add in some hardening drug like 50-100mg var day/100mg mast prop eod for weeks 8-12 along with some clen.
the problem is keeping bodyfat low after the cycle, unless you dont mind gaining a little fat.

Btw i'd bump adex up to .5 mg eod, i find that keeps water weight down, which in turn allows you to lose less weight coming off so you dont feel as if your shrinking.


But take home point is cut on cycle, not off.


Thats a roger because if you do it off cycle u will lose all your muscle gains.