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Cutting Methods (Oh No, Not the C Word!) (No Emo)


Okay so, I'm looking to drop around 16ish lbs. I'm not in a huge rush... I just need to have this weight off by September at the latest, and I need to do so without losing much strength at all if possible. I'm a smaller female, so simply "cutting junk food" won't be all I need to shed weight.

Please state YOUR favorite methods (diet/training) for leaning up. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!


Not that it matters, but what are you leaning up for??


I'm doing carb cycling atm. 125 training/ 75g off days. Carbs only in the morning and post workout on training days, just at breakfast on off days. Also, on off days I'm doing cardio on an empty stomach as soon as I wake up. Lifting on a 4 day split, cardio other 3 days for 25mins on the treadmill.

Still training heavy and I haven't noticed any decline in strength.


100 grams of carbs per day, mostly PWO; (good) fat and protein the rest of the time. As for training: three full-body workouts per week of 3-5 basic exercises per session and two conditioning session (hill sprints, bar complexes, sled, etc). Start from there and tweak around maybe adding another conditioning session or doing some "finishers" at the end of the strength sessions if your progress stalls. Or start adding low intensity cardio sessions as needed (I personally hate cardio).


I just started my fat loss phase and I personally love Rachel Cosgrove's articles through figureathlete.tnation.com.
Her husband has some brilliant stuff too, but she is obviously easier to relate to!
In a few of her posts she actually records her meals for the week which is always helpful!

Here are a few of her articles

Good luck!


I believe Sneezing Stardust is a PLer. So cutting to hit a lower weight class for a meet? If you've never done this before, you won't know how it might affect your strength until you do. I believe that Lil Power is attempting the same goal: dropping a weight class while attempting to maintain her strength levels.


amputation, left leg from below the knee should do it.


My daughter started cutting down March 1 for a meet that was yesterday. She just cut out the processed carbs and ate basically a ton of veggies and lean meats with a few small portions of rice here and there, fat free greek yogurt and hard cheese for dairy, fruits for the sweet tooth and no other liquids than water. She went from 66.5kg to 62.6kg at her weigh in, fully clothed at that. We didn't count macros at all because I didn't want her to get obsessive about it and it's a pain to do anyways. She trains 3 nights a week. Just keep it clean, if you need a carb up do it with oats, rice quinoa etc.

All month her lifts improved, and she finished with a 95kg total (42 snatch, 53 C&J) yesterday, 7 kg less than she has ever done in the gym. So I think it was a good success. She has another meet in 2 weeks and then a third mid May, so she will continue to maintain at this weight and we'll see how the lifts go.


Thanks for the replies everyone!

@N8tive - I'm leaning up to make a lower weight class.

@kpsnap - Yeah, I've cut down for figure shows and stuff like that, but I'm trying to maintain as much strength as possible. Not looking to get incredibly lean, just move the scale and keep my lifts up.

@CBear - Lmao


Hey that's awesome!