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cutting mesocycle= which biotest sup's...


Hello all-

  I am preparing for a late-fall cutting cycle, and have decided to invest some extra $ into some more biotest goodies-- currently, I am just going to use MD6(6weeks) followed by HotRoxx(4weeks), (along with tribex/M the last 6 weeks) but want to max my results and use either one of the PH's (Mag-10 or 4-AD-EC) or Methoxy...
 However, having never used any of the above three, I am not sure which would be the best for my cutting cycle-everyone has such good things to say about them all, that i cannot get a decisive opinion.  Also, I am going to be tapering my carbs heavily as the weeks go on, and am not sure if the PH's would be 'wasted' while low-carbing it...
BTW- I am currently at 11%BF, and am shooting to get to around 7% by New Year's (over 12 weeks or so; am only going to use the mag10/methoxy/or1AD-EC for the last 4-8 weeks, depending on cash$)--
So, I would greatly appreciate the advice and insight of those who have had experiences with these supplements, especially whilst cutting.



Here's a few random thoughts...

  • Put a week or so between going off MD6 and starting HotRoxx, to let your metab, thyroid, etc settle back into natural levels.

*HotRoxx stacks well with anything.

*Save and use the methoxy and/or Tribex after your pro-hormone cycle.

*HotRooxx is great at preserving mass from what I have seen, make sure to use it and not the MD6 during the ph cycle.

*Assuming you're also spending money on pretein and eating right your going to be spending a lot of money between now and then.

*Maybe finish the MD6, then do your ph cycle and carb back up for a few weeks, then hit the tribex, methoxy, and HR post cycle. In fact I think that's the best advice out of all these thoughts so far...

*Hockey is a great sport.

*Use metldow training, then OVT with your ph cycle.

*Agathos is a tremendous helper : )



some good advice, thanks-- However, I don't think i was totally clear in my intentions: I the supplements I have and definaltely plan on taking now are MD6(1.5bottles)and hot roxx (1bottle). I do not have tribex/M yet, but plan on definately taking it (prob. for 4 weeks)...
What i was primarily wondering about was what of the remaining three (Mag10/1AD-EC/Methoxy), which ONE would be most benificial to my cutting cycle, and getting really lean...Alternatively, I could not do any of the three, and just get another 2weeks supply of Tribex/M...Any thoughts now?? (also remember that i am gonna be cutting carbs low for much if not all of the dieting period)

As for the training, I agree definately that OVT is best with PH--awesome stuff. However, I have found that Meltdown training (I&II at least) haven't been great for me when my carbs were too low--too glycogen demanding or perhaps too anaerobic, perhaps? Either way, I find that i respond better to heavier weights and longer rest periods (like a powerlifting type programme), and make up for the caloric expendeture on the cardio end of things--just my .02 though...

Please let me know what you think about the supplements in light of this new info, though-- thanks alot!


I would save the mag-10 for a bulking cycle. I personally would use 4-ad-ec OR methoxy for a cutting cycle. I've done the hot-rox/methoxy combo and it's been good. Never done 4-ad-ec for a cutting cycle, but I'm sure it works.

Agree with Agathos, take a week between md6 and hot-rox. Also, if you can afford it, buy a 2nd bottle of hot-rox and save the md6 for workouts or when you need a pick-me-up. Even on the bottle of hot-rox it says best results when used for at least a month. Take the HR and add some caffeine, and you've got a good fat-burning stack.


methoxy or 4-ad-ec for your cutting.
i found methoxy gives you a good pumped hard feel/look even on bugga all carb but 4-ad-ec is better as far as maintianing strength especially on the low rep stuff. save MAG 10 for bulking. possible an idea to cycle the meth and 4ad-ec. that would be interesting...