Cutting Macros

Ok, i am getting pretty confused and I guess it all depends to on the school of thought, but cutting macros…what is the general rule of thumb?

I have either 1g of protein per BODY pound, .5 g of fat per BODY pound and the the rest of your calories carbs.

Calories based of you Maintenance Calories minus 200-300 calories.

I have also seen the same formula, but will all Lean Body weight.

Which one is it?

Thanks for any advice and comments.

I am 269 lbs, 20.4% and have been losing weight the past year. Tried all types of things, low carb (worked the best for me), carb cycling, 40/30/30.

at 20% bodyfat, I would use your LBM for the calculations.

It may take a bit of tinkering til you get it right; calorie counting’s not easy.

I wouldn’t say there is necessarily a rule of thumb. You just have to know what works best for you. When I’m cutting on low carb, I typically do 50/40/10 or 40/40/20 for p/f/c ratio depending on my training. Like rds said, use your LBM for BMR calculations, but be sure to add an extra 100 or 200 calories to that number. Try eating at your maintenance calorie level and see what kind of progress you make.

The starting point is just that. Once your underway you will make adjustments based on results. Good Luck!