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Cutting Macros?


Hey everyone, how do these look like for cutting macros?

Carbs: 140g
Fat: 75g
Protein: 270g
Calories: 2300

Should I lower the protein and increase the carbs and fat a bit? My stats are 5'11, 225 lbs, 25% BF.


EDIT: never mind


ok thanks guys


Seems too low for someone of your weight. You do have a bit of Bodyfat to lose if that is an accurate percentage, so you probably could get away with these calories for a short time to kick start fat loss. You might not feel that flash though.

Personally I would drop the protein and add carbs and fats. Are you planning on eating the same way every day or cycling calories/macros?

One warning sign is that your protein intake is way higher than your energy macros (fat/carbs) this should never be the case when cutting or gaining. Exception being, protein sparing modified fasts which should only be run for a very short time. You NEVER want your body to be setup using protein as an energy source. Which is why you have to provide ample carbs and fats.

We could offer more useful advice if you showed us what you are currently doing diet wise.


I'd highly suggest looking into carb/calorie cycling. Go to John Berardi's website and read up on his nutrition articles, especially "new view on energy balance". Figure out your BMR, and adjust for exercise/activity levels. 2300kcal for a day, 2500kcal the next, then 2000kcal, then 3000kcal after that.

Higher cal days should be days you train, lower on days you don't.
higher carb/lower fat on training days, and vice versa on non-training.
centralize carb intake around workouts
protein between 1-2g/lb bodyweight
focus on whole foods, no added sugars, no refined carbs, minimize breads & pastas instead go for: sweet potatoes, rolled oats, and brown rice

Do yourself a favor and read. No one will be able to tell you EXACTLY what will work for you, we've all got different opinions, and there is more than one way to skin a cat. [i for one would recommend intermittent fasting :slightly_smiling: :slightly_smiling: ] best of luck


Keep it simple....

Every meal-

40g protein- chicken, lean steak, fish, protein powder, eggs
10g fats- almonds, pecans, olive oil, natural peanut butter
30g carbs-rice, oat meal fruit, potatoes

5 meals at the above macros, 1 last meal of 4 whole eggs NO CARBS at the end of the day.

Stay consistant with this for 2 weeks and see if your weight is dropping. If it is then great. If not cut carbs in half for all meals for 2 weeks. If you are not dropping as fast as you want to then eliminate carbs on meals 2 and 4.

30-40 minutes fasted LOW INTENSITY cardio (brisk walk) everyday.

You are welcome.


Sounds lame. Maybe you enjoy dieting like this, but to me this sounds horrible. Fuck all calories. Small unsatisfying meals. Skewed Energy Macros, Protein dominant. Far too much meal prep involved too.

If I had to eat such a small amount of food Id condense it into 2 meals and Id feel a lot better for it. Id lose more fat and retain more muscle too!

Still waiting on the OP to outline his current diet. At his BF% he probably just needs to cut back on junk at this point.


Sorry for taking this long to respond guys. My bodyfat got this high due to me having hypothyroidism for 3 years without knowing it, which slowed my metabolism down.
I've been cutting 11 weeks now, and in that period have averaged 2.5 lbs weight loss per week. Yes, my bodyfat was even higher than this (I was at 30%+ BF) but now I have dropped several inches off my waist.

I was averaging 2300 calories per week most of the time, but the last 2 weeks I decided to lower my protein, increase my carbs and total cals in order to lose weight at a slower rate to minimize LBM loss. So far I haven't lost too much strength, my strength loss has mainly been on the bench press and incline press. My bench went from 275x7 before cut to 275x3-4 now, but on the other lifts haven't lost much strength.

Since upping my cals the past 2 weeks, I've been averaging a 1.5 lb weight loss per week, and my average daily calories has been 2600.
I do cycle my macros and calories... my carb intake is higher on lifting days, on workout days I might go as high as 2900-3000 calories, while on rest days I stay at 2300-2500 calories. Today was a rest day for me, and I thought I'd give you my diet plan for today, whicih is pretty similar to most other days:

Meal 1: 150 grams oats
2 scoops whey
1 cup milk
1 banana

Meal 2: 300 grams chicken (raw weight)
large serving of veggies
2 omega 3 fish oil caps

Meal 3: 1 scoop whey
200 grams low fat yogurt
20 grams olive oil

Meal 4: 200 grams chicken (raw weight)
200 grams veggies
20 grams olive oil
2 cups milk

PROTEIN: 255 grams
CARBS: 200 grams
FAT: 78 grams

Does this seem fine? Thanks and sorry for the long post.


Personally at your level of bodyfat I would opt for a lower carb intake on off days.

Theres a fair amount of dairy in here too which I would avoid even if looking for carbs on workout days. You want to be eatting food that will give you some amount of satiety as well, so maybe look at removing the amount of carbs you are eating from dairy and reimplement the same level of carbs but from starches like rice or potatoes.

Solid food meals reign supreme on a fatloss diet. If possible get rid of the whey shakes on your off days (save this for peri workout if at all) and replace this protein with a meat source. If this means more food prep you can condense those 2 whey based meals into one solid meal. Dont be afraid of Beef. Red meat is better for so many reasons and should be a stapple of a fatloss diet IMO. Also throw some eggs in there.


I'm currently doing something like this:

Fat: 90g
Carbs: 150g
Protein: 230g
Cals: 2350

This is for NON LIFTING DAYS, on lifting days I increase the carbs and thus the total macros. I've been losing weight at a steady pace like this (2 lbs a week).

Is this macro breakup fine, or should I decrease the protein and increase carbs and/or fat?

40% of my cals are from protein, I don't want my body to turn to protein as a source of energy, which is why I was thinking if I should increase fats and carbs.


well Ive already given you my recommendations but if you want it in numbers. Assuming you wont budge on the 2350cals you are currently getting I would go for

Off Days
200grams of protein = 800cals
max of 30grams of carbs = 120cals
the rest from fat, about 160grams = 1440cals

Divide that up by however many meals you want. Id advise 3-4 so that you arent eating like a bird. Plus smaller meals are less likely to have sufficient amounts of protein and overall calories to spark any anabolism which you need on a cut.

Training days you can add carbs post workout (not pre or during). Dont go nuts as you have a ton of fat to lose. Keep the carbs (like rice and potatoes) for after training. 200-300grams should be plenty.