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Cutting Log


Hell my name is Itamar, this is my first thread this forum so I will give some information about myself:
im 16, training seriously for about a year, my best lifts are (In kgs) are 170 squat for a triple, a 100 bench for a single and 172.5 deadlift for a double.
I started to cut in fat about 2 months ago after I ingured my knee (so the squat is pretty low).

the weight at the start of the cut were:
Squat - 130 for a triple - got it up to 152.5 for a triple but I have burned myself out, now it's 145
Bench - 100 for a single - now 87.5 for a triple
Deadlift - 160 for a single - now 172.5 for a double (and still going up actually, while losing weight).

started the cut weighing 95kgs - now weighing 84.4
Im using Carb Nite in order to cut.

The last to workouts:
Deadlift - 172.5x2
Bench - 87.5x3/slingshot*100x2
Deadlift with bands - 110+BandsX3X3
tredmill - 30mins

Light Squat - 105x5(sets)x2(reps)
military press - 57.5x3
Pullups - 4x6
Tredmill - 15Mins

Currently about 4 months from my first meet.
So that it, I will log every workout here and I hope people will follow :slight_smile:


Squat - 160x1, 140x3 - Pretty easy. PR for this bodyweight.
Bench - 87.5x3/slingshot*105x2
Light deadlift - 100x3x2
My gym would be close on Sunday so would only be training in Monady and Wensday because on Thursday I would be a spotter in a meet.


Monday 27/7/15

Deadlift - 175kgsX1
Bench - 87.5kgsX2
Deadlift with bands - 110kgs+bandsX3X3

Woke up the morning of the workout feeling like shit.