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Cutting Log - Long Term/Lean Cycle

I basically just want a place to track my progress and see where I’m at overtime.

Starting Stats:
185lbs morning weigh in

No idea. Never do them as I have no spotter and not interested in strength AT ALL.

I am all for aesthetic looks and feeing good. I try to keep drug usage light and increase dosage only when needed. Ideally diet and training should overpower my drug usage

Cycle: (long term I don’t have plans to stop anytime soon; yes I’m aware of health concerns)
300mg Test Prop /week (ed inject)
100-150mg Tren Ace /week (ed inject)
200-300mg Mast Prop /week (ed inject)
20mcg Clen (titrate up 20mcg every 3-5 days)
25-50mcg t3 (prescribed anyways)
—I might end up dropping Tren. I simply cannot control progesterone/prolactin with even caber. My e2 fluctuates wildly(to my understanding, I bloat very rapidly and mast has helped in the past so hopes it does. Gyno comes on full force when I introduce even caber 1-2mg a week AND crash my e2 with Arimidex). I also cannot digest worth a damn on Tren; my heartburn is debilitating making me almost feel like puking Constantly. I’ve been on the test/Tren about 2 weeks at 200mg each and I just took a laxative after not shitting for 3 days and of course I took like 3 massive shits; this is my last attempt at Tren and hoping keeping my bowels clear will help me digest. It also DROPS my blood sugar extremely low to the point I have nearly passed out trying 300mg a week. It is simply too dangerous so this is my last attempt. If it fails I will switch to primo E at 500mg a week long term.

I walk 10-12 hours a day at work. Slightly physical job.
I try cardio 4-6 days a week to keep heart health. 15-30 minutes a day of incline walk.
I go to the gym 5-7 days a week depends on how I’m feeling. I simply hit whatever muscle(s) I’m feeling and try to balance it out. Train to failure and superset as much as possible. I love training hard and heavy

For cutting I try to follow keto diet as I’m not really concerned with gaining new muscle right now. I also had pre-diabetic blood sugar for a long time so keto REALLY helps me feel great and have immense energy even after 12 hour shifts

Why are you running AAS if you do not wish to gain any new muscle? Clen and t3 alone can help you cut without muscle breakdown. Or just proper diet and training.

I also would not consider your drug usage to be light. Maybe that’s just me though.

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Almost everyone realizes it can be tough to gain muscle on a severe cut. I want to maintain every ounce of muscle I can. Running t3 naturally I am flat as a pancake. Have you ran it at 50mcg?

Yes, tough to build during a major cut. My question is why you’re running so much gear to simply cut some fat? You mention wanting to be light on the drugs, but you’re taking 5 different compounds. That’s not doing it light.
If cutting is your goal, diet and cardio will help you drop, and if you’re massively concerned with preserving all muscle then throw some clen in. Just seems like overkill.

Not trying to be an asshole. Just sounded like you didn’t want to be heavy on drugs , so suggesting your cut can be done without several.

Are you on test for TRT?

I am on test for trt yes
I’m dropping Tren as of now; just too many issues with my digestion/well being. So I’ll basically be on Test/mast anabolic wise. T3 is from my doctor anyways.

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If you want to cut and preserve muscle, you dont need all this. Its expensive but 4 or 5 iu/day of HGH will give you everything you’re looking for. Keep the test and the mast and lose the rest. Your body will be a lot happier.

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Gotcha gotcha. Definitely think dropping Tren was smart. You’re already pretty lean, what’s your BF goal?

Good luck man, look forward to seeing the progress.

My BF goal is probably 6% just to see if I can achieve it. I am not prepping for a contest but unfortunately I have body issues as a bunch of us do and the leaner I am the happier I am!
I’m working on that too haha

How effective would 3iu be per day? I have read 4 iu might cause some issues like numb hands etc, id love to avoid side effects, hence dropping Tren. Test and mast ideally I’d like to “cruise” on year round, dropping to low dose (100mg each?) after my cut. Thanks for advice. Also do I need to watch blood sugar on those HGH doses. And finally, what benefits might mk677 offer? I might just buy 150 iu hgh kit and do 3iu a day? Thanks!

ALSO. I’d really really love to add in primo at 500mg a week once my cut is complete. Thoughts on this? It’s not too expensive from my source yet sounds like it’s nitrogen retention properties might allow muscle building even in deficits? Thanks

You are likely to get the numb hands either way. I have both times. It passes but its a bitch while it lasts. I ran 5 iu the first time and 4 iu currently (for the first 3 months, I just dropped to 3).

Potentially, yes. I take metformin and this prevents it.

This would only last 50 days. You need 90 days IMO to see significant results but are you pretty lean already, you may see changes sooner than me since I’m older and my BF was higher.

Edit: If you do go the HGH route, please study up on storage, handling, and reconstitution.

Sorry brother, no experience with Primo

I’d say fuck the drugs and go with a slight calorie deficit


Shit is over rated. I suppose it’s fun to push the limits, I had the same body issues. I just felt small when I cut that low. You can definitely do it without the drugs. Solid diet which it seems you’re not too strict with.

Ya look good tho man. If anything I’d say put on some more muscle. But that’s just me.

It should be. It’s an expensive drug to make and the demand is insanely high. Does your source have verified third party test results for their product? If so then go for it. I’m dying to run primo but I cannot justify the cost.

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Primo at 500mg did nothing for me. And im a low dose kind of guy. Also, test higher than tren? No wonder you had all them sides.

As others have said, stick to your trt and a good diet and you’ll achieve the look you’re after. If absolutely necessary, I’d add some anavar alongside my trt, that would give the look you want.


Tbh how could I drop test lower than 100mg though? I tried 150 Tren 100 test, 100 of each, etc

Never had any difference
I need 100mg+ to feel right

Did you run primo in cut or bulk

$70 for 200mg/ml which is cheap end. But pharma grade you can buy for $11 am amp 100mg/ml which I know is 2x expensive but it’s pharma.

That’s in line with what I’ve come across, though I wouldn’t go near 200mg/ml concentration. The pip on that has got to be legendary.

I often dilute high concentration with grape seed oil it fixed it