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Cutting Idea for Waterbury Method


I am cutting right now. I have a slight restriction in calories done the JB way. I was trying to find a 3 day a week work out to do so I could still put in some good time with some low end cardio i.e. Cressey's article and CT's idea of 40 mins. @ 3.4mph w/8% incline. What I decided on was Chad's WM. I know it's technically for hypertrophy...but...I think I can make it work. I have my HOT-ROX to save muscle and my Surge for post work out and my Grow! to keep the nitrogen level up.
Anyway what I'm doing, according to the "Set/Rep Bible", is this. I'm keeping the 10 x 3's the same only lengthening the rest a little so I can keep the weight heavy (one of CT's tips for lifting for fat loss). The first week I'll do the "accessories" at 4 x 6 (24 reps), the next week I'll make them 3 x 9 (27 reps), the next week 3 x 12 (36 reps) and the final week they'll be 4 x 6 again.

I haven't trained anything over 6 reps in a LONG time so I thought this slow build up would be a good way for me to get back to them and maybe the "new" stimulus would cause muscle growth. Also in Chad's Set/Rep Bible he puts the parameters at 24 to 36 reps. This is the range I'll be working. The 3 x 12's will be a rough week (sore) but it's only one week and that's why it is followed by the 4 x 6's.

Sooo...how does this look?


Scottish, That's almost exactly the type of program I designed and am using right now. It's working very well for me. I leave the gym (my home gym) feeling like I was challenged but not overwhelmed.

The only difference in the programs is that I'm using it during PCT from an AAS cycle, so I like to keep the load closer to 80-85% 1RM, and the reps closer to 24 than 36. I find this type of training retains LBM from my cycle better than any other training method. I've also modified the 10x3 to 8x3.

PCT and dieting share certain things in common: your body is under increased stress; your recuperative abilities are compromised; and the goal in each case is to maintain LBM, if not slightly increase it.

I think you'll really like this training system.



That's funny. I just posted a question to Chad about using 8 x 3 instead of 10 x 3 because once you are able to lift a pretty decent max, working at 80% of it for 10 sets of 3 is really taxing!
Great minds and all...


You're correct, if you're cutting, 8x3 would probably be a better option. You could even drop it to 6x3 if you're feeling overtrained. Remember, cutting phases should be aimed at muscle mass maintenance. The notion that pushing yourself with large loads might lead to hypertrophy during fat loss phases isn't very accurate. Nevertheless, if you keep intensity in check, 8x3 should be fine.


Thanks Chad!


On my first run through the Velocity diet, I did Waterbury Method by the book. 13 lbs loss with no HOT-ROX or other fat burners. I know that's on the low end but I'm ashamed to say I did zero, and I mean zero, cardio while doing it. I was still able to make the 2.5% each week progression.


Scottish, I forgot to mention that I do a "feeder set" of 12 reps after finishing 4 of the 3 rep sets; then I complete the other 4 sets at 3 reps.

The feeder set seems to flush the muscle group with fresh blood, oxygen, and nutrients, and helps me keep the load high for the remaining sets.



Well, I'm pretty sore after Monday's workout and I have to lift again today. After talking with Chad I might lower it to 8 x 3 instead of 10 x 3. Also I may use 24 as my main set/rep scheme i.e. 4 x 6 then 3 x 8 then 2 x 12 then 4 x 6. I'll see how this work out goes.


Im doing WM now as well (just started this week). My question is Im doing a slow bulk, eating 200-300 above maitanence. Should I stick with medium intensity cardio, or could I do hiit on days 2, 4, and possibly 6, or would this cause overtraining?


That's very similar to what I've been doing lately to try to get leaner while increasing strength and mass. I was making improvements in leanness for the first month, and I did get bigger and stronger. However, my fat loss has slowed lately, yet i keep gaining strength.

This is my current plan based on CW's set/rep bible.

Day 1 (3x3)
Overhead Press
Close-grip bench
Barbell curl

Day 2 (3x8)
Decline Bench
Lateral raises
Reverse curl
Swiss ball crunches

Day 3 (4x6)
Back Squat
Barbell Bench
Barbell Row
Leg raises

I originally had more exercises, but I had to take them out, as they were too much. When lifting all out with 85-90% of max, it was just too taxing. It's bad enough that my legs are sore every day of the week from the above.