Cutting High Potency Grar?

Hey guys, about to embark on another cycle (test/tren/mast) soon and I’m pretty excited. My problem is that the gear I got is 600 mg/mL (200 mg of each) and I know PIP is going to be a huge literal pain. I used this company’s 300 mg/mL short ester version a few months ago and PIP was unbearable, to the point I had trouble training on most days. Want to make sure I don’t go through that again.

Can ya’ll help me out with what I need to cut it?

Specifically, what oil do I need to buy? And can I just buy it at a grocery store?

Also, as far as hardware, I know I need a filter (whatman?) but don’t know what kind, or what type of needle to put it on (gauge, etc.) or anything.

I use slin pins exclusively, so I don’t even have a proper needle to affix a filter to.

If you guys could help a dummy juicehead out with what I need, and (if kosher) where to buy it I’d be most appreciative.



A spare vial for every vial you are buying. So if you 2 20ml vials of gear you need 2 sterile empty 20ml vials.

2 20g needles

1 Whatman .22 Filter

Oil I prefer Grapeseed. Organic Oil from the grocery store is fine as long as it 100% pure oil. Your going to heat and filter it any way.

  1. Take half the gear out of the vials and transfer it into the empty sterile vials.
  2. Heat pure oil in a glass beaker or what ever you have be sure its sterile even though your going to heat it up. Let it get to a slight boil then cut heat and let cool.
  3. Attach 1 20g syringe with a what man filter to vial of gear. Attach one other needle to same vial with nothing on it so the vial can vent.
  4. Push same volume of pure oil into gear. So if you have 20ml vials you will have 10ml of gear oil in each and then add 10mls of pure oil to each vial.
  5. Clean up.

This will make the gear concentration 300mg per ml as opposed to 600mg per ml.