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Cutting Help Plz

So I usually stay at around 12% BF when I bulk and during the summer months I drop it to like 10% just by adding some cardio but keeping my diet the same so I can gain some muscle as well. But this time around I am interested in just maintaining my muscle mass and at the same time dropping my BF to around 6-8%. Thats where I need some help, I started my cutting phase 3 days ago. I am at college so food is a little troublesome but I will list what I have been doing for cardio and nutrition thus far.

Cardio: M-F 15 mins of moderate intensity cardio immediatly after my workout. T-TH-Sat 20 mins of HIIT upon waking.

Diet: I drink around 1 1/2 to 2 gallons of water daily.
meal 1- 2 pancakes, plate of scrambled eggs and an omelet w/ ham and sausage in it
meal 2-Plate of tuna salad,black beans, and about 6 turkey slices
meal 3-plate of tuna salad, black beans, about 6 turkey slices
Pre-workout-some form of pasta, glass of skim milk, and w/e form of meat they are serving. Usually pork or beef briskett and BCAA’s
Post Workout-protein shake +BCAA’s, pasta, and once again w/e meat they have available, glass of skim milk
Bedtime:protein shake and maybe a protein bar if I’m still hungry

I realize my measurements and proprotions are not very detailed but i really have nothing else to go by other than “plates” haha sorry. If you guys have any good advice to send my way I’d appreciate it. I know I have my carbs under control but one thing I’m worried about is my fats. Do you think the tuna has enough healthy fats or should I add in something else?

Thanks for the help.