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Cutting Help Needed


Hi all i am gonna do a serious cutting phase now and need some advice from you all.I am 230lbs at 15%bf so if i wanted to get down to 10% bf where should i start with carbs/protein and fats/calories?

When is the best time to eat carbs?i need to know little things like that.anybody help me?thanks


Carbs except veggies early in the day and Peri workout.

K/cals start at 250 below what you are no to maintain.

If you have time no short deadlione best to make it simple small minimal changes that creat FAT, not weight loss and only take away more intake, or add more cardio etc as needed. Make small steps to get progression back as it is needed.

Tonms of diets on here that are great go into all the question you may have. Nail the basic and only go to extreme as they atre needed and Likely 10% wont mean much if any extreme measures.



V-diet, 7 days to Ultimate Leaness, Get Shredded. All good articles.

I will say this though. Cut out all juices, sodas, mainly all high-fructose products from your diet. You will lose a lot initially.