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Cutting Help Needed

I got carried away with the dirty bulking this winter. I’m now doing a long cut and chalking it up as a lesson learned.

I bulked to 245 at 20% BF with a 40" waist. I maintained this weight through the month of January (3500 Cals)and then started a slow cut in February (3000 Cals). After the initial weight loss from dropping carbs, I lost weight at a rate of 1 lb. per week. I started Oxy Elite Pro in late February at a weight of 232 and dropped Cals to 2500. My weight began to drop at a rate of 2 lbs. per week. Once I got down to the 218-220 range, my weight loss stalled. I have been stuck at this weight for the past 3 weeks. I’m at 16.5% BF with a 36.5" waist. I tried reducing Cals to 2000 for the past two weeks and it didn’t make a difference. I stopped taking Oxy Elite Pro a week ago since it was time to cycle off.

My macros vary depending on whether or not I’m working out. I try to get 50g of carb pre and post workout. I also tend to consume 50-100g throughout the day or I get some brain fog at work. So, these days are something like a 40/40/20 C/P/F split. Off days are more like 20/50/30.

I workout 4 days a week and only do weights. I’m concerned primarily about muscle retention, but I’ll do cardio if it will help me get over this weight loss plateau.

This week, I decided to add a cheat day of 4000 Calories. It’s too early to tell if this will make a difference. I’m thinking about cycling back on the Oxy Elite Pro after another week or so. My lifts have dropped slightly, but I think a higher carb diet will get them back up close to where they were before.

What do you advise?

Do I need 50g pre AND post-WO? Should I reduce this?

What can I do to spike my metabolism? I was maintaining at 3500 Calories three months ago. Now, I can’t lose weight on 2000 Calories.

My goal on this cut is 12% body fat.

Dont reduce calories, up the intensity.

You learned that 2500 is your sweet spot at present intensity.

Fasted morning cardio? Just take a quick walk for 30 minutes 4 times a week and see where that gets you.

[quote]The Rattler wrote:
Fasted morning cardio? Just take a quick walk for 30 minutes 4 times a week and see where that gets you. [/quote]

Low intensity fasted cardio is where I’d start. And something that has always worked for me is monitoring timing of carbs. When cutting I eat all my carbs either in the morning, early afternoon, or during my peri-nutrition. I try to avoid eating any carbs after 3 except maybe some veggies, and after 6 I don’t eat any carbs at all. Its working well for me right now after I stalled for a while like you did.


I raised Calories from 1800-2000 up to 2500 and I started losing weight again and my strength shot back up.