Cutting Help and Questions

I’ve been cutting weight consistently for the past month and have had some great results. I’m moving down for the weight class 110kg to the 105kg class (usapl) I want to cut down to 100kg and the fill out the extra 5kg. This has how my progress has been going, I’ve been experiencing some days where I would weigh in 1-1.2 pounds less than the day before but I eat the same thing everyday (serious)

Starting weight 241.6 (8/9/2017)
(8/13/17) 240.8
(8/14/17) 240.8
(8/15/17) 240.8
8/16/17 240.8
8/17/17 240.4
8/18:/17 240.0
8/20/17 240.2
8/21/17 240.4
8/22/17 240.4
8/23/17 239.6
8/24/17 239.8
8/25/17 239.4
8/26/17 238.0
8/28/17 236.4
8/29/17 237.4
8/30/17 237.2
9/1/17 236.0
9/3/17 236.2
9/4/17 234.8

You’ve lose about 7 pounds in 8 weeks. That’s steady, if a little slow, progress.

So… what was the question?

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Did you also drink the exact same amount, sweat the same amount, and breathe the same amount? Probably not. It’s normal for weight to fluctuate by a few pounds due to changes in water weight. Look at the average weight for the week to see what sort of progress you are making.

+2 What above said.

All kinds of things going on. Lots out of your control. Keep the daily weigh ins under the same conditions and use weekly averages to give you a better idea of whats going on without all the day to day fluctuations. If the trend is going the direction and rate you are after you’re golden