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Cutting Going Well, but Scale Doesn't Concur


I started cutting at the beginning of january. Increased cardio to 4 days a week with 2 days steady state and 2 days sprints, while lifting 5 days a week. Everyones been saying that i look like im losing weight, and I do feel slimmer and have noticed slight definition beginning to show in my arms and shoulders.

My strength is also started increasing again. Thing is the scale is barely showing any change at all, maybe like 2-3lbs decrease. Is this normal?


If you're happy with how you look then don't worry about it. Scale weight is not as important as body composition.


Sounds pretty normal to me... I've been cutting for 3-4 months now and i've shaved 6 inches from my waist and stomach while adding an inch or so to arms, chest, thighs and calves. My weight has stayed relatively stagnant over the time.

Though i guess it depends on your goals, weight loss, BF% loss, you get the idea.


you probably should've posted your diet, BF%, Height, Weight. Just a suggestion


Enjoy the fact that you're improving body comp while not losing weight, and gaining strength. As long as you're getting the results you're trying to achieve, don't worry about the scale.


If you're getting stronger while maintaining your weight, who cares? That can only mean you're adding muscle mass and losing fat. On the other hand, if you're getting weaker and the scale stays the same, you are in trouble.


Hey man, that sounds like you're gaining muscle while losing fat.

Thats quite an accomplishment! Especially considering that most of us lose muscle and fat while cutting up.

Anyways, get a pair of calipers and keep track of the size of your fat pinch instead of the scale numbers.

Arnold was 240 ish in contest weight. The average person that weighs 240 in America is a FATTY.

But yeah, theres a good BF% calculator on bodyforlife.com that lets you enter millimeter measurements from your calipers on dif spots on your body.

hope I helped