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Cutting (Gettng Below 10%)


Hey all, my goal is to get rid of these f'cking lower back fat and get below 10% in order to be able to clean bulk to get bigger.I need to put on size but i'm carb insentitive.
Stats: i'm 21 and 177-178cm tall,74 kg
body fat,i am slim with good vasuclariy in arms and have lines of 4 abs visible but have lower back fat sticking out.

My split looks like this:
two days of HIIT cardio(optional)
My diet looks like this

Meal 1:
Oatmeal 2 dl plus 2dl of whey protein(around 23g protein/dl)or eggs with low fat cottage cheese

Meal 2:Oatmeal 2dl and whey 2 dl
Meal 3:low fat cottage cheese/Chicken brest/shrimp with bulgur or long grain rice or noodles

Meal 4(if hungry)
1dl whey with 1dl oatmeal or low fat cottage cheese(0,9%)
3 fish oil caps

Also i take 20mg of zinc before sleeping.

Should i do any changes or is this good enough?


Increase your Workload. Do maybe one more session of cardio in the morning sometime. As long as your doing your 2 sessions of HIT cardio you should be fine.


Thx for the reply,i will do that. I also forgot to add potatoes to my list of carbs.
I fallow the lean gains diet where i have big meals but only 3 in the 8 hour window.
I have been dieting for 2months,although started slowly,seen some good results but the only think left which bothers me is the love handles.


I have the same problem with lower ab/back fat. If I were you, I'd make those "optional" cardio sessions mandatory. Cardio has been the thing to help me most when trying to get rid of the fat in that area.
Try it for 3-4 weeks and see where you are after that. Trial and error.


Have you been able to get ridd of it?


Looking at your diet it's not clear how much protein you're getting, and it looks like there's room to drop carbs if you need to to keep losing. Also consider going low carb on your rest days, medium on your upper body/HIIT days and higher carb on your leg days.


I make sure to atleast get 1lb per pound protein and i get around 100-150g carbs.More on training days.Less on non training days.


Instead of dropping your protein on non training days i'd drop the carbs a bit, protein is more satiating providing its from solid food and if you take TEF into account, you'll actually be taking in less kcals.


Assuming you mean 1 gram/lb that sounds reasonable (otherwise it's mythical).

Yeah you still have room to lower carbs on nonlifting days (if weight loss stalls) or increase your activity with low intensity cardio (my first choice) or HIIT. But I wouldn't do both (decrease carbs and increase activity) at least to any great extent.

I myself consume only trace carbs (vegetables and such) on nonlifting days.

In the end you'll just have to be more patient. Once crossing the 10% bench mark it is good to proceed slowly, especially if you don't want to have a hard rebound.


Yes that's what i meant,i try to lower the carbs on non training days,i don't lower the protein.Sorry for my bad english.


Yes i meant 1g/lb of bodyweight, i was typing fast and forgot the gram.From what i read i heard the brain needs atleast 100g of carbs to function optimally so i think i will make the 2 HIIT sessions mandatory.What i am mostly unsure about is the diet and food choices,will this diet take me that far or is it something i need to change?


ah ok, that makes a lot more sense. In that case keep on doing what you're doing. If you don't make any gains in 2 weeks lower the kcals by 100-200 per day, primarily from carbs and then keep an eye on your progress for another week or two. The worst thing to do is drop them too drastically and end up feeling sapped of all energy and just shit in general (it'll also most likely lead to an almighty feast on all sorts of rubbish). Do it bit by bit, its a marathon, not a race so to speak. If you find your kcals getting too low then just add in some cardio, i prefer low/moderate intensity but thats your choice. good luck!


Just noticed this 100gr carbs for brain function - thats a complete load of rubbish. Yes, your brain need glucose to function, but if needs be, it can get adequate amount from breaking down amino acids. Obviously as a trainee thats not really what you want but 100gr a day even for a trainee isnt necessary. I'm no expert but i'd say trace amounts from veggies and the odd bit of fruit would suffice. Personnaly i stil prefer to get some from startchy sources but for the purpose you stated, ie brain fuction it isnt necessary IMHO.


CT said it sometime ago in the live spill that you need 100g for your brain to function optimally and since i am a student i need.


I've been on trace (~30g) carbs for months at a time before and I've never noticed it impair my brain function (and I'm a student with a high degree of academic achievement)


If you have a look on the bodyrecomposition site Lyle writes thats it can depend on the person. People who function well on ketosis can function perfectly well on trace carbs. If however you're not one of the lucky ones who dont do well in ketosis, ie you feel lethargic, dreary, fuzzy and just generally lacking energy, then he recommends consuming about 100gr per day, so in line with CT's recommendation. It seems its really a matter of how the individual adapts to ketosis.

I guess you need to play around with the numbers and see how low you can go without feeling those symptoms.


here's a table of carb requirements if you're interested:

Circumstance Carbohydrate Requirement Grams for an athlete with 160 lbs. LBM
Physiological Requirement 0 g/day 0 g/day
PracticalMinimum to Avoid Muscle Breakdown 50 g/day 50 g/day
Practical Minimum for Individuals Who Function Poorly In Ketosis 100-120 g/day 100-120 g/day
Additional Amount to Sustain Low Intensity Exercise Minimal approaching zero Minimal approaching zero
Additional Amount Needed to Sustain Weight Training 5 g carbs. per 2 work sets 5 g carbs. per 2 work sets
Average Recommendations in Bodybuilding Nutrition 1-3 g/lb. 160-480 g/day
Average Recommendations by Mainstream Nutritionists 2-3 g/lb 320-480 g/day
Average Intake for Endurance Athletes 2 g/lb 320 g/day
Recommended Intake for Endurance Athletes 3-4.5 g/lb 480-720 g/day
Practical Maximum for Non-Carb Loading Individuals 4 g/lb 640 g/day
Maximal Intakes for Carb-Loading ~7 g/lb 1120 g/day


How no one has mentioned that this guy is eating a miniscule amount of dietary fat is amazing.

And FFS eat vegetables.

OP your diet kind of sucks balls. And how is anyone supposed to help you without knowing how much your eating. And how much you were eating a few months ago.


Bonez dont fuck around.


Thx for the reply, i do the lean gains diet templete,i eat until i feel satisfied but make sure to eat 1lb of protein and usually get around 100-150g of carbs a day. Do you recommend increasing the fish oil?