Cutting Gel

Has anyone heard of this product “cutting Gel”? It’s suppose to be topically applied and it will somehow dissolve the fat cells into the blood stream. I assume this is another crappy product but my girlfriend insist on buying this outrageously pricey product. Please let me know everything you know about it as I will print your replies and give it to her Thx!

Doesn’t work. Do a search for more info.

No, this actually works ok. Most people on other boards are excited about it and I have seen nice results over the last week. Tightened my lower abs (where I applied) quickly, reducing water retention and releasing some fat. On the other hand I have about 6-7% body fat so I’m not sure how effective it is at higher percentages. Supposedly, the most effective stuff you can apply is Yohimbine HCL + a little transdermal (like Phlojel/DMSO). Yohimbine HCL is a little hard to get hold of though as it’s controlled - I may order some though.

There have been a few posts with most expressing disbelief probably based on the idea spot reducing is impossible. I had been wrapping my midsection with plastic wrap just to improve the circulation during 5-mile walks (3 days/week). I had noticed before this and after my walks, all of my body was warm but that roll around the middle (it’s in the 50’s here). The plastic wrap seems to work because of the increased sweat that forms under the plastic. So I decided to include the NutraSport cutting gel first around the belly button then later on my spare tire. That along with calorie deficit and exercise has reduced my waist! And the plastic helps prevent staining my sweats, which has been another complaint. The important thing is remembering what fat burning requires. At best I expect some increased use of target fat. Diet wise I am doing a high protein (200 gm) low carb & fat (100 & 50 gm) which seems to works best for me. That’s 1650 calories/day with methoxy7 or Androsol, MD6, and Tribex. I have a couple of anything meals per week (and I try to avoid fat/carb combinations in them). A couple of days a week I do some heavy low rep upper body opposing gym work. I also use surge after walking and the gym. I feel good and I’m optimistic the cutting gel will help 2 ways. First by some increase of fat utilization from my middle (instead of my legs) and second by increasing my mental focus on where I really need to make changes, my torso.