cutting gel

Has anyone tried cutting gel/spray before? If so what kind and were you pleased with the results. I’ve had some pretty good results with my diet and ab training, they’re starting to poke out a little in the front. But the fat around my obliques just doesn’t want to go away. I’m considering cutting gel, but don’t know if it’s a worthwhile investment.

Remember, most of these things only act as local diuretics, removing water not fat. Some claim to help with localized fat loss, but I think they’re a waste of money. If they do work, it’s probably only to a very tiny extent and you’d be better off spending the money on something with a bigger bang for the buck.

I’ve tried cutting gel from Nutrasport, I believe…don’t waste your money.

Lipoderm Ultra from Avant Labs for Sub-Q (jiggly, pinchable, right underneath your skin) and Absolved for VAT (fat underneath your muscle)

supsaiyan, good advice you’ve gotten thus far from davo2 and expression.

The cutting gels are a waste of money for the reason that davo said. The topical yohimbine products are effective at antagonizing the Alpha-2 receptors in those “stubborn” areas; love handles on men and gluteofemoral fat on women.

However, topical yohimbine (the more effective form) is ONLY effective in conjunction with a low-carb, hypocaloric diet. It should not be applied around the time you’re taking in carbs. It would ideally be used before cardio. The meals following should be P+F meals.