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cutting gel

has anyone used any topical gels containing aminophylline such as Cutting Gel or Sculpting Gel and seen good results? i heard that the stuff really works at getting rid of stubborn body fat (like around the mid section)…no matter how lean i get, i still carry a little bit around the love handles (i’ve been as low as 5.8%)…its not really noticable, cause i have a pronounced 6 pack, but still i would like to get really cut in and around the obliques…i heard some good reviews for aminophylline products from reputable sources but i want to get some feedback from people who actually used the product while on a cutting phase and experienced results…i am already aware of the use of yohimbe extract and Omega-3 fatty acids to help with this problem, and plan to use them next cutting phase also…i know the gel is expensive, but if it works, i might give it a try…

Aminophylline is basically a form of theophylline and won’t do anything theophylline won’t.

I found unsatisfactory results from combining
yohimbine, theophylline, AND caffeine in a topical; so I don’t expect much from an aminophylline-only product, other than possible local diuretic effect.