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cutting gel

Anybody tried the Cutting Gel? Just wondering how it works.

It doesn’t.

Cy, I don’t dispute you. I gave Cutting Gel a fair try and it didn’t do shit. Nada. What gets me is the guys on the MM forum rave about the shit. Its like some kind of mass delusion.

Testing of formulations of Alphasol, a similar
type product I had been working on, revealed
that one really has to test these things by applying to only one side of the body and not the other.

This is the acid test. Somehow, products which
some users think works well, when tested this way, prove to do absolutely nothing.

I’m not saying that no such product will ever work – maybe one will, maybe one won’t – but I am saying that if the product isn’t tested like this people can probably be deceived very easily.

My understanding is that it contains some stuff that may act as a bit of a topical diuretic (like ben-gay), giving the illusion of working, but it’s just that - an illusion. If anybody would have come up with a topical fat-loss system, Biotest would have already done it (actually, they’ve tried at least once that we know about)…

I’ve researched these products thoroughly. The research behind them has many flaws and the only study that wasn’t flawed…guess what? It didn’t work.

I’ve read dozens of papers from various research groups describing the inner workings of adipocytes. The damn things are incredible. They produce a wide range of biological agents to control themselves and regulate overall bodyfat. The appearent problems to solve with a topical solution are how to get it thru the skin to the fat cells without it being picked up by the bloodstream and what to do to the adipocytes once it gets there. You can’t simply kill the fat cell (easiest to do) because that leads to the formation of cellulite. Another option is to force the fat cell to release its stores into the bloodstream to be burned. Sounds good but isn’t easy to achieve and relies on other metabolic factors to make this useful. The last option is the coolest. Tell the adipocyte to become thermogenic. White adipose tissue (WAT) ‘can’ produce heat using its own stored fuel just like brown adipose tissue (BAT). Several researchers are working on compounds that target the unique receptors on white fat cells. This sounds like the most reasonable approach to me.

How about the topical products that contain Yohimbine HCL along with a transport agent. Has anyone here tried those?