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Cutting & Fruit...


Can u still get ripped eating shitloads of fruit a day? I eat like 2-3 bananas a day, some strawberries, and grapes each day. The main reason i eat so much fruit is because i dont have that much time with college and its so easily available. Is it ok or no?


quite alright. In fact, that's not really that much fruit - just 5 servings? That's almost the minimum. The key is to eat protein with every meal and try not to spike insulin too often or late in the day.

Also, it'd be better if you could get some more variety. Bananas are good, but so are apples, oranges, etc. I know in college options aren't always available, but they usually have these.

Fructose gets a bad rap these days but even if it were as bad as they say, in fruit the benefits outweigh the negatives and there really isn't much in fruit anyway. Not all sugar in fruit is fructose, some is glucose.


I wouldnt eat shitloads, but some fruits are too good for you not to eat. I would cut the bananas down to 1 or maybe 2 and eat your strawberries with Blackberries (packed with vitamins and fibre).. European Grapes are healthier than the american kind, but i think they are too expensive for what nutrients they give. A post-workout orange would be a nice alternative to the grapes.

Other good fruit choices are Raspberries, Avacado, Cantaloupe, and Mango.


Fruit is GOOD>

That said it is sort of like the dairy deal and is very individual. Some peoploe can and some cant (consume them) and get extrememly lean.

I say give it a try. If were simply talking 10% to high single then I see No problem. Dont give up the fruit it is packed with GOODS you body needs.

Hope that helps,


thanks a lot for the responses bros, ill keep at it and let u guys know how the progress is, thanks again.