was wondering if your on a cutting diet, below 40 carbs a day, and your taking the weekends off , but eating clean, can you over do it on fruits such a grapes, oranges, etc.

Of course, anything can be over done. But if you eat clean on weekdays having 3-6servings of fruit is just fine. I eat for maintance and have about 4 pieces of fruit a day with absolutely no problems. So having 5 one day or two out of seven days is absolutely ok, helps with leptin, T3, and glycogen stores as well when dieting as you are.

Of course it is possible to overdo anything if you go overboard. But it is tough to go overboard eating absolutely clean like fresh grapefuit strawberries, etc. However, if you get into dried fruit with high sugar content it is very easy to go overboard. In fact, Muscle and Fitness recently had a good article about how easy it is to go overboard on certain so-called healthy foods like raisens and cereal.

You can overdo it on ANYTHING. However, the amount of fructose is dependent on the fruit. Fructose will definitely make you fat more quickly than other sugars, as it only replenishes liver glycogen.

Thank you for taking the time in your post to teach us all what a few examples of fruit are; I had no idea:-)

you sure made me laugh! I was not tryin to give an example of what furit is, i was giving an example of the 2 fruits i usually consume. Some might onsume apples more or pears, and i was not sure if grapes or oranges would have diff. affects so i supplied the extra info so i could get the proper answer. Again you gave me a good laugh though