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Cutting for Summer


Since I recieved a couple of pm's in respect to my idea of starting a cutting progress thread for the "over 35" crowd I will start with my stats and goals.
If anyone wants to join that's more than cool.
My starting stats are...

Height 6'1"
Weight 225
waist 36 inches
bi's right 17.5 left 18.25
thighs left 26.5
right 26
calves 16.5 left and 16.25 right.(gotta work on those suckers.)
Neck 18 inches,
Chest 48 inches.
Bodyfat a heinous 15% (probably closer to 16)

Goals...3 months...

height the same
weight 200 - 205
arms the same (in my dreams)
legs bigger (am I on drugs?)
chest the same (doable)
Calves can only get bigger...duh.
Waist...33. (doable).
Neck...who fuckin cares.

Diet will be low carb with the regular
high protein and moderate fat.
Of course I will adjust to suit my progress.

I do not want to look like a heinous morphodite when summer comes calling...do you?


When are you starting?

Summer is a long way off where I'm from...


Already started. It's 25 below here also.


Hepatitis worked for me;-(


Bah, I'm waiting for another good month of bulking before I give it serious thought.

Then, I'll probably opt for the velocity diet, which will let me add another month of bulking after that.

So, maybe cutting for April and May...


Hey Vroom.
That's seems to be the trouble with a lot of people. They wait for the last second to get lean and end up spending the summer with too much unwanted fat...dieting their ass off while everyone else is having barbq's and living it up.
Slow and steady wins the race and helps retain lbm. No crash dieting for me.
That way I can enjoy the occasional beer at the lake with my friends cause I'll be at maintening and not trying to lose when summer comes a calling.
May is only 13 weeks away. Not a long time if you think about it....

Just finished a good chest workout. Sticking to higher reps with moderate weight. No lower than 5 reps.
Bench and incline flies.
Now it's time to hit the ice and burn some cals while hacking around playing hockey with my friends.


I wish I could say the same thing.

Here in Adelaide we just had 4 days in a row over 41 degrees celsius (106 degrees fahrenheit). That is just stupid......


Hey Grey,I started Jan.2nd.Weighed in at 194 and I'm 187 now.Getting ready for the Masters Nationals in june.I need to be 181.75 at weigh in.I'm going to train close to my competition weight.I'll keep you posted bro.TRAIN HARD Jimmy T



I'm not cutting, but I'll use this forum to track my progress these next few months, if you all don't mind.

chest 46"
shoulders 52"
biceps (both) 15.5"
calves 14.5"
L. thigh 22"
R. thigh 23"
waist 35"
neck 16.5"
weight 204 lbs.

routine: Split upper/lower 2xweek
diet: 4300+ cal/week

Some highlites:
incline press 10x3 @ 115 db
OHP 5x5 @ 85 db
squat 5x3 @ 315
DL 2x3 @ 315
50 reps chins/pulls

Goals: add weight (~220). The best way is to get stronger, I guess. Monthly gains across the board should do the trick.

Thanks for letting me join in on the external motivation!



Did some back today.
Wide grip pullups with bodyweight did the trick...5 sets of 10, 10, 10, 7, 5...
Lost my power at the end.
Low cable rows...5 sets x 10, 10, 8 , 6,5,.

Veins popping and aggresiveness factor of 9 out of 10.

Good shit.


Only repeatable thing from yesterday was flat bench 9x3 w/ 125 db. The regular 48 pull ups. Intense workout. Oh, and some updates... I meant to say 355 DL (2x3) and bodyweight is 206. Looking rather swollen in the mirror afterwards. Now, to look better than that before the workout... to coin a overused phrase: priceless.


Why is your left bicep over an inch large than your right? My left is about half an inch bigger but its from years of playing lacrosse and more or less "curling" the stick everytime I cradle. That was a lot of "curling."


I tore my right pec years ago and it seems to have also affected my right bi.
It's pretty noticable when I'm flexing. Much less peak on the right. Oh it's a 3/4inch difference by the way. I'm also lefthanded and leftlegged so I tend to use my left side . It's pretty funny but my left eye has perfect vision where my right is slightly less sharp.
Lacrosse...I used to play in highschool back in TO. Deadly game.


Cutting back on carbs and cals slowly.
So far hovering around 223-225. Increasing reps while decreasing rest periods but am still keeping the weights relatively heavy. Just finished legs...squats, leg press, extensions and ham curls.
3 sets of 10 on everything with the exception of 5 sets for squats.
Had real trouble walking up the stairs today. Good workout.
I think I'll lower the cals again on monday. End of next week goal is 222.
Haven't been measuring because I know there is little or no change so far.


Good job, grey. As you're cutting the cals, do you find yourself hungrier? Or are you just filling up with greens?

How is everyone else doing?

Did DE yesterday (chest) before going heavy on shoulders. Put up 90 db's 4x3, without a hitch. I think it's the first time that happened. Can 100 pound db's be that far off?

Today is weigh in day and ME deadlift/standing leg curls with some light ass to grass squats for fun (usually do bench squats).


Solid db's Kroby. Looks like you will be swinging (with good form) the hundreds real soon.
My weight is starting to move a bit faster because Ive decided to do 2 weeks of high protein, real low carbs as well as low fat.

I'm going skiing in Italy in 2 weeks and want to get leaner now cause I know it will be a bitch just to maintain my weight there. I will try to keep as clean a diet as possible but there is no way that i will be able to resist a good bottle of Barolo at the dinner table with the wife and a bunch of our friends. Of course skiing all day helps but you know how long those dinners get.
My strength is good and I have no problem with the hunger so far.

Havent lost any size so far and hope to keep that part of this diet as constant as possible. Just finished some 1 and a halfs bench and incline.


grey. dude. come on. your very first stat and already you are selling yourself short. aim high man.



Lets see, last friday weigh in @ 208.
DL PR @ 385 2x2

Monday sort of tired, not ethusiastic like ususal. Started the Carbolin 19 and off the Spike. Sort of a bummer, no Spike. Normal routine flat bench 5x3 @ 125 db's. 5x10 @ 75 db incline. Only 37 pull ups. 5x10 @ 65 db OH press. No shoulder pain (unlike last week), as I performed pre-workout shoulder warm-up exercises.


Leaning out nicely. Did back last night.
I have changed my workout from morning to evening and have noticed better results.
After the workout I have some protein and thats it. No dex, no carbs.
Starting to feel a little bit of power loss towards the end of the workout.
I just ignore it and put in the extra effort.
Hungry as a horse in the morning.

Oh and Dan...I have as much chance of getting taller as you have of getting funnier. LOL.

Edit..I just finished shoulders and when I went to make my shake I noticed that the can was empty.
Apparently my 4 year old daughter decided to bake a chocolate cake and needed some flour. Guess what she used for her imaginary cake?
The rest of my protein...here is a picture of the little bakerman.


grey, that little one looks the perfect image of innocence. What a doll!

Felt better yesterday afternoon. Did 7 or 8x3 bench squats @ 315; didn't even expect to do this weight or volume after I chose the weight. Felt so good, I did some dynamic DL 3x10 @ 225. Knees a little sore, but oh well. Just think, 315 was a PR two weeks ago. Squats and deads have become my favorites.

I've been at this for a month now (well, this routine) so I guess some progress pics should come soon. I don't know what it'll show, having only gained 4 pounds. Should I wait 'till I hit 214 (March)?