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Cutting for Skinny Beginners

Thought this was a useful tool for any ‘skinny beginners’ contemplating “getting shredded” with their “hawt abz” and their emaciated looking “guns”. It should also convince any ‘skinny-fat beginners’ (myself included) that lifting heavy and eating healthy consistently should be done to build a solid base, before you ever contemplate going into a caloric deficit.

For any brad pitt, tobey maguire wannabees this should help show you that without any prior muscle, you will look like a holocaust victim. For any that dont take this advice and do ‘cut’ then more power to you but watch out for strong gusts of wind.

This tool was taken from forums.johnstonefitness.com/showthread.php?t=40940


You decide to cut down to 10% in order to see your abs, emulating Brad Pitt in Fight Club and to pull all the ladies.

Lets use a skinny-fat beginner as an example, like myself:

Take your current weight and bodyfat (e.g.):
180 lbs @ 20% bf

Figure out your lean mass:
180 lbs * .2 = 36 lbs(fat)
180 lbs ? 36 lbs = 144 lbs(lean)

Figure out your bodyweight at the target bodyfat%:
144 lbs / .90 = 160lbs

(note – for 10% bodyfat we divide by 90% (i.e. 100 - ))

And the result…

NEWSFLASH! You look like a holocaust victim or someone with anhorexia at 160lbs. A skinny little bitch who will be blown away at the beach.



You take the advice of experience lifters on T-Nation.com
(Prof X, Stu, Holymacaroni, Waylanderxx) AND EAT, LIFT HEAVY, AND ARE CONSISTENT!

Same example as before, after gaining 20lbs):

Take your current weight and bodyfat (e.g.):
200 lbs @ 19% bf

Figure out your lean mass:
200 lbs * .18 = 36 lbs(fat)
200 lbs * 36 lbs = 164 lbs(lean)

Figure out your bodyweight at the target bodyfat%:
164 lbs / .90 = 182 lbs


HOLY SHIT IT WORKS: You have 20lbs more muscle, a reduced BF% and all through heavy lifting, good eating and the odd bit of cardio. And even though, 20lbs to your frame aint much in the grand scheme of things, you’ll look a hell of a lot better and might actually look like you lift weights.

Hope this helps everyone out there to put things into perspective. Try it out with your weight and BF% and imagine what you’ll look like if you cut now. Not something i’d ever want to look like. So get bigger, get stronger and quit thinking that if you just lift weights and do abs your going to look like a sex god. You’re not! Proper nutritional habits, intense hard heavy lifting and overall consistency will allow you to look 10x better than Brad Pitt ever would. Well maybe not your face!

Now, use the search function, get a program, create a diet in caloric surplus and get growing.

Aim for this.

Not this.

Good advice I suppose.
I never saw why people seem to idolise Pitt in Fight Clubm he really looks like he’s about to collapse from starvation. Especially when he look like this in Troy

[quote]pro-a-ggression wrote:
Aim for this.[/quote]

Good advice for people who want to look like bodybuilders (natural or otherwise). I can only dream to look like Reg Park. Many people want different things including looking like Brad Pitt in Fight Club instead of a bodybuilder. Hard to imagine, but they actually do. I am not one of them so what you say makes sense to me, but will not for many people.

Yeah well i say even if you want to look like ‘brad pitt’ in FC if u aim higher then at least when your have way there youll already look the part :slight_smile: