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Cutting for Six Weeks

hi im new to this so im not sure if posting on the right section
but im planning on going on a cut routine for about 6 weeks to lose as much fat as possible.

i currently weigh 153lbs and am 20 years of age

my diet is cosisting of 250g from carbs, 150-180 from protein and fat not to sure

my diet is

breakfast 10am
oats with low fat milk
1 banana
1 wholemeal bread

lunch 12am
1 protien shake

meal 1 2pm
grilled chicken in wholemeal pitta bread

meal 2 4pm
grilled chicken in wholemeal pitta bread

meal 3 6pm
grilled chicken in wholemeal pitta again

meal 4 8pm
protein shake

total cals around 2300-2400

for training

monday chest and 1 tri work out
tuesday HIIT for 20mins and abs
wednesday back and 1 bicep work out
thursday HIIT for 20mins
friday Shoulders and abs
sat 45min walk
sun REST

gonna keep weights like normal heavy and low to mid reps, focuss on giving reason for muscles to stay.

can anyone help and give me some advice and improvements, im planning on starting next week.

my current bodyfat must be around 20%
my upper body is ok but i carry alot fat around waist and belly so i decied to go for a cut now instead of later.

I am going to assume that you are either a woman, a midget or both. How many calories to you take in each day as of now? 2300-2400 would be kinda high if you are trying to lose weight quickly or at all.

You weigh 153 pounds. Why are you cutting?

sorry i am a man lol
i currently been taking around 3000-3200 as ive been putting weight on
but i beleive my maintance is around 2800

why im cutting well simply because most people look and think im lean but reality is i got alot of fat around my waist and i have a belly that sticks out, i been reading a post on truth about bulking and it made me decide to cut up the fat and start of lean

Also if you’re serious about cutting without losing muscle wtf is up with the amount of carbs vs protein ratio?

I’m 5’6 currently 170lbs and I feel small. I don’t advise cutting.

I did it when I was a relative noob. I soon realized after losing 20lbs I didn’t need to do that I still had no more visible definition than before. You need muscle in order to have anything to show after a cut.

Also your workout routine is tarded. No offense. Do you realize how much of an effect that HIIT has on your nervous system? You wont be able to recover for your weight workouts. Secondly you’re only hitting your muscles once a week. That’s not great to start with and for maintaining I wouldn’t recommend it when coupling it with HIIT an cutting. Where is your leg day?

And at 20% bf 154lbs, no offense but you don’t have muscle to keep hold of. Nothing worth worrying about anyway.

No session for your legs either?
(shakes head and leaves)

I think that you could benefit greatly from some squats and a routine that isn’t screwed up so much. Honestly, get a bar on your back.

The Truth About Bulking by Thibaudeau? I was told when I asked the question, that article wasn’t meant for beginners and they take it the wrong way. You need to start out gaining some high quality mass.

LOL @ being 153lbs and wanting to cut

this is a bodybuilding website. you seem lost

well to correct for legs, i have a lower back injury so i cant really squat no more, as i get alot of pain.
the reason why i said i want to cut up at yes 153lbs lol, is beucase i have alot of bodyfat around my lower body, i have a belly bigger than my chest.
so what the best thin is to continue to gain, even though ill end up getting fat?
bare in mind i have to eat so much food in order to put on 1 lb a week
im currently just over 11stone and ive been eating 3500cals and i did not put a single pound on?

ino bonez its a bodybuilding site, sorry if my post made you laugh, but isnt this site to help and give advice? even if the other person has less knowledge.

but going to brucelees post which had some advice to it!, ill continue to bulk till around 12-13 stone

Is anyone else looking at that diet and wondering how huge the portions must be to equate to 2400 calories?

[quote]adma01 wrote:

ino bonez its a bodybuilding site, sorry if my post made you laugh, but isnt this site to help and give advice? even if the other person has less knowledge.

but going to brucelees post which had some advice to it!, ill continue to bulk till around 12-13 stone[/quote]
Your gut could be big for more than just fat reasons. It could be postural…

I know it seems lame that you will gain more fat during a bulk, but really in the long run it’s a great thing. A good lifting program, even while bulking can see you lose some inches on your waist.

Mine is around 31’ right now and usually about 6 weeks into my bulk at about 3k calories a day I see it fluctuate between 29 and 30. As my calories go up is the only time it starts fluctuating between 30 and 31… It never goes above 32. So it is really manageable.

What are your lifts like if I may ask?

if it is postural is there anything i can do about it ?
yea im gonna go with what your saying

for my lifts, extreamly strong on chest i lift around 100kg
triceps are equally strong
i tend to do heavy weights low to medium reps

i used to do squats, but cant no more due to lower back injury

got weak biceps,
and i have strong shoulders

why does everybody always have an injury so they cant squat?

Caveman: Maybe if he has a postural issue it could be this.

@OP: I don’t know much about that sort of thing. If you could get some pictures of you from the front, side and back someone could tell you.

You sound strong for your weight with pressing movements. What are your pulling movements like?

ok ill take a few later on
my pulling well im not extreamly strong but i wouldnt say weak.

omg PLEASE take some photos

why is everyone telling this guy to not cut? He’s obviously 3 feet tall.